Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Christmas Rapping with Kurtis

I was just getting ready to leave work when I caught wind of this New Orleans blogger Christmas video battle. Just because I want to crash the party and add some flavor from the other side of the city. I would like to submit my entry into this equation. It doesn't matter if I win. I just wanted to add some hip hop in.


Anonymous said...

OMG - he looks like TP columnist Jarvis DeBerry!! This is some OLD SKOOL shit! Was that The Robot he's trying to do? LOL!

I remember his album covers - he looked much more NYC thugged out than this antiseptic ready for Dick Clark ABC Prime Time version. See how they used to do us?! Although now, you can't keep clothes on or glocks off many of today's rappers onstage.

I know, I know... I'm dating myself:)

Clifton said...

Its okay to date yourself....I want his suit.

Leigh C. said...

Count yourself as officially entered into the Hollerday YouTube Fest...the Top Of The Pops set and the "a lot of blokes in SNOWMEN suits!" thingy midway through make this one a cool contender.

suspect device said...

Hey! I *like* Kurtis Blow!

Now, you want to drive me from the room, put up "Christmas in Hollis". Euuugghhggh.

Anonymous said...

I thought these were supposed to be bad videos! :)