Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Saturday Night Flash Flood Blog

Ladies and gentlemen it won’t stop raining. I was supposed to be sitting in the movies watching The Frog Princess but we would have to get there by boat if it was going to happen this evening. I guess I am watching television as long as the satellite stays up. It takes a lot of water to flood my street. Usually when it rains real bad the water builds up on the corner and the rest of the block is dry. Right now there is about six inches of water in front of my door. If it’s like that in front of me then I know what that means for people closer to the end of the block and other areas. It’s probably in some homes that sit too low and that sucks. It’s the kind of thing that makes people move. I kept thinking it would break soon and the water would start going down but this is a serious storm system and it’s not letting up yet. I hope it does soon. There has to be a pumping system that will work just a little faster than what we have now.

And if you are one of the people driving around and pushing water into people’s houses for nothing when you should be sitting at home then I hope your car never starts again. If you don’t have to be out there then stay home and have a drink like everyone else.

This weather is really tempting me to open my Nintendo Wii before Christmas and get it going but I am going to stick to tradition and leave it under the tree. I just need to position myself so I don't have to look at it while it calls my name to come and hook it up. I'll make it because Speed Network has a Pinks marathon on tonight. I'm going to sit here and write while I watch people lose their cars.

I have a confession. I can’t stop reading about Tiger Woods. I usually can’t stand gossip news and scandals like that but something about this story just fascinates me. I just can’t believe that a guy with that status have it fall apart so quickly. He went from hanging out with the president to hiding in his old room at his mama house in two weeks. Even in the world of 24 hour news that’s a record amount of time. He made the right move by taking a break from playing golf and avoiding the spotlight. He will have to give his wife undivided attention to get passed this. It’s going to be hard on him mentally to stand out there again in front of the world. Men are strange when it comes to their image. No matter how wild and kinky a man is he really doesn't want anyone outside of the people he acts like that with to know. Even when you are around and no one is talking about it you feel they are thinking about it. Usually when guys are exposed for doing the kind of stuff Tiger was doing they change the circle of people they hang around so they don’t have to deal with that. He’s going to have to shake that image in front of the whole world. I wish him luck with that.

This video is dedicated to Tiger. He can straighten it out.

And this video is for all the cats that are feeling bad after watching 1000 jewelry commercials full of stuff they can’t afford to buy their women for Christmas.

I’m going outside and take a swim in the street.


Anita said...

I'm sorry he wasn't discreet, for the sake of kids everywhere who look up to him.

I'm sorry he wasn't loyal for the sake of his wife and his own kids.

I'm sorry I think his father would have been shamed by his behavior.

I'm sorry he's lost something he won't ever get back no matter how many more trophies he wins.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I'll never feel sorry for stupid text-messaging and caller-ID mistakes when one is trying to get strange. I mean even Chaney and Rove or any other tin-pot ganster knows to use a separate phone for strange.
I do wish him luck with his family though, but these folks, both of them, signed the dotted line. All the rest we must pass over in silence. As long as someone isn't doing children, it ain't none of my business.

Now, Cliff's Crib? That is another matter entirely. Man, it is getting to the point where I can't decide which post is better to comment on because I can't stop laughing.
While you're Not looking at the tree until Christmas morning, remember what the little piggy say: "Wii, Wii, Wii..." all the way home!

OK, I would comment on the Stinky Bird post but have developed a ticky superstition about commenting on Saints posts on game day.
Perhaps you could tell us: Why Did The Stanky Bird Cross Da'Road?

I will say this though, it is getting worse, this tension on the Road to Glory. It's getting like children at their first big Mardi Gras parade.
I mean, before August 29th, 2005 this city thought we had seen It All, ya'know? But since then... well, this is why we have nola bloggers like you.
Thanks, Mon.

Susanna Powers said...

I hate it when the water running down the two sides of the street meets in the middle, and it's flowing like a river. I still have nightmares about the water coming up. But if it doesnt rain today, that will make some space for tomorrow and the next day's rain.