Tuesday, December 12, 2006

An Example of the Difference

There was a C student who the Supreme Court made president even though more people voted for the other guy. Then he used the nation's outrage over a terrorist attack to send us to war based on bad information even though we didn't really need to at the time. Now we are stuck in this country in the middle of a civil war and more troops die with each passing day. The majority of the country thinks that this war is going bad and wants it to end. He has done such a poor job that the rival political party was able to take control of the House and the Senate primarily because of his performance. Even his own dad tried to save him by sending some of his old crew to help him out of the mess. After all of that, we are now waiting for the same man to come with a new plan to fix his old plan so he can take credit and repair his legacy.

This is one of those times where I feel comfortable in making the following statement....

America would never let a black man get away with this.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Bless you Boys...especially Drew

There is too much negativity in this city to mention.....

There is nothing short of winning the lottery that could ease the stress on our lives down here in New Orleans.....

We just re-elected a man that is about to be indicted for goodness sakes....

With that being said.........

Saints -42 Cowboys -17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to think Drew Brees for finally making me feel like my team has a legitimate shot to make the Superbowl and freeing me from the curse of Aaron Brooks. Since I was 4 years old I have been waiting for a team like this Can we just make Drew the national spokesman for our city and lock Nagin in his office? Dallas, there was a train coming through driven by Sean Payton and you got in the way. We can wrap up the division Sunday against the Redskins. I'm still mad at them ever since Dexter Manley spit on Jim Dombrowski in 1987 and the referee didn't see it(no I never forgot that..yes, I am a serious Saints fan). On Sunday I will feel revenge when we win the division at their expense.

Ten Steps Backward

It appears that not enough people in the New Orleans Metro area are reading my blog. William Jefferson won in a landslide destroying Karen Carter thanks to the influence of irresponsible community leaders, low turnout and Harry Lee. There are two things to take away from this race.

The first thing is that there is hardly anything a black public figure can do to lose any public credibility. I don't know if he is guilty or not but Congressman Jefferson did have 90K of government money in his freezer. We now live in a city that has re-elected a man under investigation for congress, and a mayor that everyone laughs at. Yet, it's everyone else fault that our recovery is going so slowly. I personally thought that he should have stepped down and not ran again. I also don't think any local officials should have supported him. We already know that Nancy Pelosi and the new leadership in Congress is not going anywhere near him. That means it was selfish and for his own gain. It's kind of like when he came back during the flood, went to the crib in his own military truck to get some "paperwork".

The most important thing is that the numbers from this election prove why this area will always be a joke. Look at the numbers from Jefferson Parish. I know the people in Jefferson Parish don't like the fact that they look racist to the rest of the country after the Spike Lee movie. They may not be racist as much as they are stupid. There isn't a thriving major city in the country whose suburbs think they can function without the use of the big city. Nobody moves to Dallas and actually live in Dallas. They live in Irvin, Cedar Hill, Carrollton and places like that. They might not live in Dallas but they know what name drives the whole area. The New Orleans area is one place where people in the surrounding cities could care less what happens in it. They want to drive into work, make their money and fill the hotels so we can send the taxes to Baton Rouge, but damn if a few people try to cross the bridge to get to dry land(how come no one ever mentions that the first part of the Westbank is actually Orleans Parish?). What if we fired shots at everybody who came here during the day to work downtown? Now, these same people including their crazy sheriff chose to vote for a candidate knowing he will either get indicted or have absolutely no power in Washington just to get back at Karen Carter. Basically, the people of Jefferson sold the city out for a personal vendetta. Jefferson and Nagin together is like political suicide for the most part. They don't care what Jefferson does in DC because most of their houses are dry and their families are not split. Their side of the levee didn't fall. This is why the people that live in the New Orleans city limits cannot be tricked into buying into that regional approach bullshit. The regional approach is going to end up just like the levee system, public schools and every other thing. In the end the people living in the city will get the short end of the stick.

We have to educate and take care of ourselves. It's definitely not coming from our neighbors.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Goodbye Nigga

It would be messed up if Kramer was the start of a cultural revolution.

Paul Mooney said that he would give up using the N word on stage because of how it is now being overly used by black people and confusing everyone.

I agree with that.

Since I don’t believe in throwing stones in the glass house I feel the need to admit that I use the word at least 50 times a day. Sadly, I have used it to describe a certain type of behavior by people that look like I do. Which almost insinuates that no one except people that look like me do the things that make me use the word. That premise alone makes the use of the word unfair to myself. Plus, as a co-worker told me while having this discussion about the word, “who defines the difference between a nigga and a black man anyway?”. That was a question that I couldn’t answer. We are hypocrites. If a white guy says the word once we want to march and ruin his life. A black man can say it all day and it‘s ok as long as we think we are not included. When I was growing up I thought of myself as a black man worthy of distinction and great achievement. That might be because my parents addressed me in that manner. Is it possible that if we keep calling the brothers niggers then they will act in the way that the name signifies?
That’s why as of today I am starting my Anti-Nigga Machine rehab program. I am going to start eliminating that word from my vocab as soon as possible. I don’t want to define my brothers like that. Plus, there are better words to describe someone acting like he has no sense. If Paul Mooney can stop saying it and Richard Pryor can stop saying it that I can. We all need to stop saying it. That way, the next time somebody uses it as a negative term it will truly be negative and the ass whipping can be done without any feeling of hypocrisy.

It hasn’t been easy. I said it five times today out of habit. That’s still down from my average of 50 so I am making big progress.

Now, if I can just get over gentleman’s clubs, Crown Royal and uncut rap videos it will be all good.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Thoughts from a Cold Ass Friday

How does the temperature go from 75 degrees on Thursday to 45 degrees on Friday? I need to watch that Al Gore movie to find out what the hell is going on.

I've been looking at this civil war in Iraq. The Shiites don't like the Sunnis and the Sunnis don't like the Shiites. The Kurds don't even want to be part of the country at all. Somebody needs to ask the question is there any other way to run that country than the way Sadaam did? I would hate to have my son or daughter over there playing referee. In the ghetto when two people want to fight that bad, everybody gets out of the way and lets them go at it.

If the Road Home Program is any indication of how the state of LA is going to handle major disasters now and in the future, everybody living in this area needs to buy a U-Haul and just be ready to relocate when the next storm comes. There is no way you could go through this shit twice.

If you want to see something that is equal parts inspiring and disheartening, watch the clips from the public housing residents protesting the demolition of the projects. I am inspired that they want to come home, but shouldn't they be trying to get a regular house somewhere in the city? I'm sorry everybody. I just don't think we should be that eager to get back in there.

The New Orleans media is the most negative local media in the country and I am willing to bet money on this. The way to get by down here is to not watch the news because if you do you will feel stupid coming back to this awful war zone full of crime to rebuild your life. There is a strong racial undertone……..Then again, the assholes who ignored opportunities to better themselves in other places just to come home early, hang on the block and do the same dead end activities that lend themselves to crime and death don't really help my case at all.

In 2007 New Orleans will hire a new inspector general to review and oversee government affairs. I am predicting now that not only will this person expose years and years of patronage, they will also divide this place down racial lines politically even worse than Katrina did. It's one thing for the poor and disenfranchised to be abandoned during a flood. The leadership of this city can get past that. When you start looking into how those same leaders have failed their own people by taking care of their own political homies for years, everybody's going to put on their dashikis and their afro combs with the fist on them and scream "No Justice No Peace!" to the top of their lungs. Everybody who's white and ask questions in 2007 is going to be a racist. It's already started. Me personally, I hope it all gets made public so some of these people can get their heads out of their ass and stop putting the same people in office under the veil of this one sided black loyalty that has only made politician friend's richer and the community poorer and more susceptible to bullshit like Katrina and broken levees. Just because the other man did backhanded deals for 100 years before you got some power does not mean it's ok for you to do the same thing especially when your people were already in the hole when you took over.

If someone reading this is good at economics I need some help. I need to know why even when my income goes up considerably, I never seem to have any money or possessions to show for it. I can't understand it. I don't have any bling, no Escalade, no stocks, bonds, CD's, property or anything. I'm living the same way I was at minimum wage.............Maybe I am a crack addict and my supplier's product is so good I even forget that I bought and smoked it. I need an intervention or a budget director.

The Saints are 7-4 and in first place in the NFC South. We swept the Falcons and that overrated Mike Vick. For the first time since I was 10 and Magnum T.A was still a professional wrestler, I have a Caucasian hero. DREW BREES IS THE MAN! San Francisco, your ass is next. Tell T.O. get some extra rest in that chamber of his because on December 10 we are coming to Dallas and bringing the drama.

Who Dat Call Da Police

It appears the NYPD has had another "accidental shooting". I don't know what happened for sure but I have three thoughts. First, there were 50 shots. One officer shot 31 times. That means he had to empty his gun and either put a new clip in or pull another gun. I am sure that car wasn't moving by then. I can understand being nervous at that time of night but it takes some calm to reload a gun and empty it again. Second, they are in a car and only one person is driving. What if the passengers in the car didn't realize what was going on? They both got shot at least ten times too. Police officers are trained to shoot accurately and have to be qualified enough that they don't hit innocent people. Then, they were undercover policemen working in a gentlemen's club. I am pretty sure they didn't have on blue uniforms and badges. Those guys might not have even known they were officers at first. There is nothing to justify 50 shots unless some shots were fired back at them. Third, nothing is going to happen. The guy that ran out of the car before the shooting will either have a long rap sheet or will be found with a gun at his house that matches the one the first cop saw and the attention will turn to him. Meanwhile, no one will take what happened seriously anymore because some crazy leader like Al or Jesse will stage a march and cause a big media event when they should be meeting with the police reps in private to get some serious changes done.

It's foolish for the black community to think they can function without the help and protection of law enforcement. However, it is also wrong that the same safety, caution, and courtesy that is extended to the majority of the population not be given to the black community when it comes to how police do their job. Let's face it, a 92 year old white grandmother would have never gotten shot by the police. That breaks down the trust and we end up with the ineffective image of police officers that the community has. I'm not anti-police because when someone does me something I want help. Growing up in New Orleans, I have seen some bad things done by the police force. When something happens in the street and people see it, there is no guarantee that the person you are reporting the crime to isn't the person that sent the guy to do the crime to begin with. That's just something that stays in the back of your mind. I can honestly say that if I was in New York and it was late at night I would stop, park my car and not move a muscle if I was pulled over even if the officer asked me to step out of the car. You want me out of the car and see my ID? You better pick me up and take it out of my pocket. I'm not going to Heaven early because you don't have the nerves to do your job the right way.