Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Thoughts of Last Week

I didn't post anything over the weekend but I am back. Here are the things that kept me thinking last week.
  • The lawmakers in this state need to pass a law that would send everyone a grant to fix whatever is causing your AC in your car not to work. This is not a luxury, it's a necessity.
  • I feel so bad for Marion Jones. It's bad enough people think she is on dope. The fact she didn't win one medal doesn't help it any.
  • I enjoyed talking to my grandfather Friday night. I hope I still have his sense of humor when I'm 89. I'll probably be sitting on a porch somewhere throwing rocks at little children.
  • I'm not sure but I think my little brother is going to be a hell of a football player as soon as he finds out what he is supposed to do.
  • I think that I should be happy about having a job but it's hard to be when you never seem to have any money in your pocket.
  • Hero came out at the movies last week. This makes it the 10th movie to come out in the last three months I have wanted to see but I'm probably not going to.
  • I think that I am going to play the race card if nobody blames Larry Brown for the U.S. team only getting bronze.
  • Isn't it amazing how people in Louisiana support George Bush when none of his policies benefit this state.
  • After the Bears game, I am making a prediction that the Saints will be 8-8 AGAIN!
  • Last but not least, I really hope this is the week G.G. starts walking so I can stop carrying that car seat everywhere.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Glad It's Over

Argentina 89 - United States 81

I would like to take this time out to thank Larry Brown for making American basketball look bad and also for setting the image of the young black athlete back 10 years.

Grandma's Birthday!!


She's 84 years young today!

Thursday, August 26, 2004


I couldn't give it up to daddy to without saying anything about mama. I was going to write a poem for her but I couldn't think of a word to rhyme with Bernadine...lol. I did however find this nice peoms that sum up how I feel.

When you need someone
to stand beside you,
Mom is near ...
When you need someone
to hear your troubles,
She will hear ...
When you need someone
to share your burden,
She will share ...
When you need to know
that someone loves you,
Mom is there.
-Thomas J. Langley

A mother's love asks no return,
expects no reward ...
a mother's love asks only to give.
A mother's heart will always know the feelings words can't always show."
- (Unknown)

You spend a lifetime trying to get them off the ground.
You run with them until you're both breathless.
They crash. They hit the rooftop.You patch and comfort, adjust, and teach.
You watch them lifted by the wind and assure them that someday they'll fly.
Finally, they are airborne.They need more string and you keep letting it out.But with each twist of the ball of twine,there is a sadness that goes with joy.
The kite becomes more distant, and you know it won't be long before that beautiful creature will snap the lifeline that binds you two together and will soar as it is meant to soar,free and alone.
Only then do you know that you did your job.

New Orleans Self Destruction

I was watching 60 Minutes last night and a story about the Houston school system came on. The story was basically about how the school system in Houston was keeping kids back in the ninth grade to prevent them from taking the statewide standardize test in order to keep their scores up and the principals could get bonuses. As I watched this story I couldn't help noticing that none of the elected officials from Houston actually got on camera to talk about this or even to blame one another. I think I know why. Houston is a city that is very conscious about it's image to the rest of the world. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my own home town.

I wondered what would have happened if this would have been here in New Orleans. The school board would have been on TV. The superintenant would have been on the radio. The BESE board would have been in the paper. They all would have been screaming to the top of their lungs about how the other two are incompentant and it's not their fault. This happens with every major issue in this city. The rest of the world sees this and thinks that this is the kind of place that they would not like to live. Natives of the city see this and think the exact same thing.

When is the last time you have seen officials in this city be united about anything or any idea. Is there any issue that would cause these people to stand by each other's side in support. No there isn't. The reason is simple. New Orleans government is the easiest way to get rich. The higher the office the more chances you have of getting paid. When we get a new mayor, it doesn't matter what his policies are because the city council president will disagree and fight him on anything with the purpose of making the mayor look bad so he can get into office and take care of his people. This cycle goes on and on from other council members to the school board, RTA, levee board and so on. No person is going to fully support the other because they want that position themselves in order to control more money and contracts. This is how we as citizens of this city watch the same problems get worse for the last 20 years no matter who is in office and who we vote for. Ask yourself this question, if you were on the school board or the city council for 20 years and there was no progress in your area or district. Why would you still be fighting for that job? You are obviously not good at it, and it doesn't pay allot. So what is it that makes you think the next four years will be any different from the first 20. Maybe you are trying to hold on to more than we think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My Dad

The Harris Men
A Father and His Sons Posted by Hello

I think that fathers are the missing link in the community. I feel like society is not doing a good job at recognizing the importance of fathers. They are equally important to boys and girls. When you have your father’s name and the oppurtunity to see him everyday, you develop a sense of pride that you will never get if he is not there. The only way to fully understand yourself as a person is to learn both sides of your parents. All too often kids spend so much time around their mother that they start to neglect fathers without even realizing they are doing it. If the role of the father can be placed back into the proper position at the head of the family then you will start to see changes in the community.

Top Ten Hip Hop Albums

Since Cliff's Crib is just starting up, I have allot of things to get off of my chest. I won't get into how I feel about the state of my beloved hip hop music right now. That will come at a later date. I decided to list my top ten albums of all time. These are in no particular order except for number 1.

1. Eric B. and Rakim - Paid in Full :

How can this not be the number one of all time. It came out when I was in 8th grade and I still know all of the words to it. Check out My Melody, Eric B. is President and Paid in Full are enough by themselves to take this one over the top.

2. Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back:

This was the best P.E. album. Black Steel in the hour of Chaos may be the best single song ever! This is an album you play from beginning to end without skipping anything.

3. A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory:

This group should have never broken up. I had a hard time choosing between this album and Midnight marauders. I chose this one because Check the Rhyme gets top ten song status.

4. Tupac - Strictly for my Niggaz:

This is the pre Death Row Tupac. Lots of people got into his music with All Eyez on Me but I think that this album was him at his best without all the negative energy. It's much more revolutionary and focused.

5. Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted:

My favorite rapper of all time first solo album. This is the old Ice Cube who was much more serious about rhyming and had a big chip on his shoulder.

6. Geto Boys - Grip it on the Other Level :

Since I'm from the south, I had to put somebody on here. This album was kind of dark but for some reason I never stopped listening to it. Check out City Under Seige.

7. Slick Rick - The Great Adventures of Slick Rick:

Children's Stories, Mona Lisa, Hey Young World , Teenage Love........end of story.

8. Notorius B.I.G. - Ready to Die:

I know I said this list was in no particular order after number 1 but I feel kind of bad having B.I.G. listed at number 8. If you love hip hop the way it was meant to be listened to, there is no way you don't have this in your top five.

9. Boogie Down Productions - By All Means necessary:

My Philosophy.....number one hip hop song of all time. I will not debate this.

10. Wu Tang Clan - Enter the 36 Chambers:

It's about 11 years old now and I still love this album like I just heard it. I still know all of the lyrics to these songs. How did these guys fall off so much.

Coming tomorrow...........top ten songs of all time.

John Kerry on the Daily Show

How can you make the Daily Show boring?

I watch this show everynight and it is always entertaining thanks to the host Jon Stewart. I'm sorry to say that not even Jon could make Senator Kerry have any personality or charisma.That was the the most boring interview in the history of the show. Even Val Kilmer was more entertaining than Sen. Kerry. I have always voted democrat but now consider myself an independent because both parties are lacking something to me. I know that I am not voting for Bush. I don't agree with any of his policies but I have a question. Is John Kerry the best the Democrats could do as a candidate? How they let this man beat Howard Dean is beyond me. He should have been the candidate because at least he was genuine in his thoughts and ideas. Kerry is stiff, boring and rehearsed. He is the only reason Bush even has a chance. I will say one thing about George Bush, he understands the people from a basic standpoint. He know that they are likely to believe him even when he is caught red handed in a lie. Why? Because for all his flaws, he still seems like the kind of guy that if he wasn't president and invited you to his ranch, would throw a hell of a BBQ and fix a pretty good drink. Why do you think he even stayed close enough to Gore to win. He has what Clinton and Reagan had and Gore, Kerry, Dole, and Bush Sr. don't............The ability to make the American people listen and think the B.S. he is saying is a good idea.

The Jump Off

This is my first entry for Cliff's Crib so I think I should introduce myself. I'm Cliff and this is my spot to share my opinions and views of the world with everyone. I hope this will spark the creative process in my brain to start working again. I will cover all topics that cross my mind from sports, politics, love, family and anything else that crosses my mind. I'm trying to be a well rounded brother and have interests in many different things so this should be fun.