Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rest in peace...


Anita said...

There's a clip of part of an interview up at the
Guardian and a longer film coming out this year. I've never heard "The Bottle" before but surely know where he's coming from. There is so much wounded heart and soul that is poured into bottles and disappeared from this world. So many good people gone too soon.

Don't let it be too sad a weekend. I hope you don't.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Love the new layout.
As for Gill Scott-Heron, I got nothing to say. He's been my hero ever since I first heard 'Whitey's on the Moon'... at like 14 yrs old.
We'd just got through talking about this, me and mah friends, that it's gotten too quiet on the home front lately, relatively speaking, and it's time for some hero to die. Well... he was starting to kick it and tour again, goddamn it. There've been only a few humans, like maybe 7, who've laid it down as solid as Gill Scott-Heron... Diogenes was one. Just sayin... Plato was not.

But you picked the best one yet to pay tribute.