Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday mornings are always the worst time of the week. It takes a minute to get going. Nevertheless I am feeling alright today. Yesterday was a good Mother’s Day despite the fact that mom lives in another city now. In the post Katrina chapter of my life I honor her and the other women who raised me by honoring the mothers around me. I think I do a good job at that. I also got to hang out this weekend with my friends and that is always cool. It doesn’t happen a lot these days since we got older and started going in different paths. Too bad we spent a lot of that time watching the Lakers get destroyed by Dallas. I guess everything can’t be perfect.

I’m ready for the week ahead. Hopefully nothing too serious happens while I work my way through all the other stuff that’s on my mind. I’ll consider it a good week if there’s minimal flooding of people’s homes because of the river, there are no murders for one week in the city and no one in the police department gets suspended of fired. I would add winning the Powerball so I could quit working and buy my parent’s a mansion but the other three things I named are already lofty so I better be reasonable.

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