Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walk wit a Real One: My Thoughts about the Saints

Okay, before i start, I would like to say that the reason I am doing this post about my beloved hometown New Orleans Saints is because my big brother explained to me that he was too distraught.  So I will gladly take the baton from him and run with this one.

Now, for all that don't know, I cheer on almost all teams associated with my city and state and that includes the New Orleans Hornets and the LSU Tigers. The Hornets are young and inexperienced and have a softie for a superstar (Eric Gordon) but Anthony Davis looks really good for the future so I'm not really flipping my wig when I watch them.  I really like my LSU Tigers every year because we always have a good to really good defense with very talented players but my only displeasure I have with them is the bad quarterback play I've had to witness the last couple of years (i,e. Jordan Jefferson) and of course the maestro behind all the madness, LES MILES!!! O yes the mad hatter makes my blood boil on a weekly basis because he has bad timeout management and for some odd reason, his team is never fully prepared.  But enough about that, let's get down to what we are really here to talk about and that's those Saints.

Now, there's this man I go to school with that I see on occasion and he always has on Saints apparel, whether  it be a hat, a jersey, or his big Saints cup with the black and gold straw in it.  Well, I seen him one day and noticed him and I said "Who Dat" towards him and he responded back with a resounding "Who Dat." For anybody who wants to find a real Saints fan, shout "Who Dat' toward them and check out the reaction you get.  It will be a look of pride that they are proud to be Saints fans. When the Saints started the season 0-4, me and this gentleman would see each other on occasion around campus and the "Who Dat' was very weak between us, but as soon as the Saints got to rolling and won a couple of games, the "Who Dat' tone changed as it was alive and full of that pride again. Well Monday on the way to the library, I seen the gentleman again donning his New Orleans Saints snap back and the "Who Dat' had once again turned weak.

Now let's analyze the problem with the loss Sunday to the 49ers 31-21.  First of all, I am requesting the NFL to review those referees eyes for that game because they missed a good three or four pass interference calls.  Secondly, the offensive line was completely overwhelmed by the 49ers D-Line, which accounted for 7 sacks against Drew Brees.  And finally, STOP WITH THE MARK INGRAM EXPERIMENT!!  Chris Ivory or "The Dreaded Bulldozer" as I like to secretly call him, came from out of nowhere off the bench and has helped us win these last couple of games by giving us a steady running attack averaging at least 4 yards a carry which is all you need for an offense that throws 90 percent of the time anyway.  Mark Ingram had 10 carries for 27 yards which is about 2.7 yards a carry.  Not good. Chris Ivory finished with two fewer carries than Ingram but seven more rushing yards with a 4.2 yard per carry and against a stout 49ers defense, I'll take that.  Ingram has been very lackluster since the Saints drafted him and I'm just not totally sure about his ability in our type of offense.  I'm sure he could be good if he played with Pittsburgh or the Ravens who live to run the ball with big O-lineman to block for him but in this offense as a running back, you got to know how to break some tackles and get tough yards because the Saints O-Line is not really equipped to run block really well.  With all that said, it was just a tough game to watch because once again and against the same team, our mistakes cost us the game.  Once Brees threw that first pick six, it was the beginning of the end because it totally destroyed the momentum we had.

As I sign out with this, I will say that I would like to wish my Saints a good luck because Thursday on NFL Network, we face off with those Falcons again.  We got them the first time in the Superdome so I hold hope that we can just do what worked that game and repeat it in their building.  It would really look good on the resume for this team and this season to beat the top team in the NFL,record-wise anyway, and in our division two times as it has been a tough season to deal with without Sean Payton and might I add some really bad defense.  This has been "Walk wit a Real One" and I hope you all enjoy the game.  "WHO DAT!"