Monday, February 28, 2005

The Oscars meet the Hood

I have to say I only watched about 20 minutes of the Oscars but the parts I saw were all of that. Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman took home the trophys and Chris Rock did a good job as host. If you throw in Beyonce and Prince, you have a pretty black Oscar ceremony. I was happy for Jamie and I'm glad he kept it classy and acknowledged his people. I was evening happier for Morgan Freeman for two reasons. He should have won it for Shawshank and he was on the Electric Company.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Got me Thinking

It's a low energy day. I just don't feel like doing anything today. I have some questions in my head that I need to get out.

How can a baby make you feel total joy and totally paranoid about everything at the same time?

Why hasn't this man picked up my jeep yet? I have already given him the money to fix it.

Why can't anybody call me with good news lately?

Why can't Big G. have a regular message on his answering machine?

Why can't we have 3 days of the same weather?

Even though there is no pressure or set schedule for me, Why do I hate this job?

When did I start caring about money this much anyway?

How do I rid myself of all the negative energy around me?

When is gas going to drop below 1.50 a gallon again?

Is Tara going to get mad if her name isn't in here somewhere?

Does she complain and not even read it anyway?

Is this black on black murder totally making anyone esle feel hopeless?

And how come all the young brothers with money to help just show off cars and big houses?

Which one is greater, family committment or the need to start over again and please yourself?

Why am I starting to hate professional sports ?

When is someone going to let me write an internet column?

When was the last time you met somebody and could feed off their good energy?

How can my grandfather not have any health problems until his 70's and I feel like crap at 30?

What is going on with al the young people under 30 dying from heart attacks and strokes anyway?

Is the heroin epidimic that bad in the city?

And how come all these so called leaders can spend time talking about Razoos for discrimination instead of worrying about this killer?

Why does draft beer with whiskey shots taste so good?

Do you think this is why I don't feel well?

Then why do I still drink it?

Why do my friendlist listen better than the fools I have been knowing?

Is George Bush trying to take away my social security?

When my boy Steve signed up for the GI Bill, did he have any idea he would be in Iraq for two years?

When are those guys coming home anyway?

Haven't they had the elections already?

Does anybody in that country feel safe?

Does anybody in this country really feel safe?

Why are all these brothers walking the street unemployed all day?

Why are they not even looking for a job?

And am I right to be pissed if somebody accuses me of being just like em?

Am I?

Could we all be the same and just hide it better than others?

Or did some of us get lucky?

How did we get that way?

Was it a plan by the KKK?

Did that just rhyme?

Did I do that on purpose? Speaking of rhyming..............

Shouldn't Flavor Flav should be kicked out of Public Enemy?

Why is hip hop so boring these days?

When is Tupac coming back from Cuba to set it off?

Is Suge ever going to admit he set him up?

When are the Fugees getting back together?

If they don't, can we just get a Lauryn Hill album?

How in the hell did C-Murder get to shoot that video in jail?

Why do these glasses make me look so intelligent and sexy at the same time?

Shouldn't I have bought a fake pair 8 years ago during my street running years?

Why did that thought even cross my mind?

Am I stuck in my early 20's?

Wasn't the 30's supposed to be my glory years?

Why am I writing this anyway?

Top Five - Head Trip Hip Hop Edition

When my mind is spinning like it is today. I have to listen to these five songs ..............

1. Against all Odds - Tupac Amaru Shakur

2. When will They Shoot - Ice Cube

3. Memory Lane - NAS

4. Here I Go - Mystikal

5. Unbelievable - B.I.G.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Voices..........Da Ladies

It's time for another one of my list again. I am going to give you my top ten singers, male and female. The only rule to make this list is that you have to really be able to sing. Race and type of music don't matter. You just have to sound good. I am going to give the singer and my favorite song from that person. Since I am a gentleman, ladies are first. These are in no particular order except for number one.

1. Aretha Franklin , "Angel" - That song is the bomb. She is the bomb. There is no comparison to her at all and no one better say there is.

2. Whitney Houston, "I have Nothing" - She was my favorite singer until she married Bobby Brown.

3. Etta James, "At Last"- She is powerful.

4. Billie Holiday, "God Bless the Child" - Classic

5. Gladys Knight, "If I were your Woman" - I should have made Gladys 1A.

6. Natalie Cole, "Keeping a Light"- I should have made Natalie 1B.

7. Teena Marie, "Alladin's Lamp" - I didn't know she was white until I was 13.

8. Lalah Hathaway, "When your Life was Low" - This lady should be famous because she blows my mind. Even if she wasn't that good she might make the list just because she's Donny's daughter. Yes, I have been exposed as the president of the Lalah Fan Club and I am proud!

9. Chaka Khan, "Through the Fire" - If anybody that really knows me reads this, they would know this list would not be real if she wasn't on it.

10. Anita Baker, "Fairytales" - You can't go wrong with Anita

I just want you guys to know how hard it was to keep Erykah Badu, Norah Jones (that's right Norah Jones!) and Angela Bofill of the list. You can only have ten. Patti Labelle didn't make it but I had to keep her off because Lalah Hathaway had to get on.

Up Next......................the Men.
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Top Five Songs to Make it through a Shi@ty Week

Rough one last week.........these five songs got me through.

1. Young Gifted and Black - Aretha Franklin

2. Motivation - T.I.

3. Sail On - Commodores

4. Video - Indie Arie

5. Roll Call - Lil John ft. Ice Cube

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Last nigth I didn't feel like writing. Today I am a little more energized and have allot on my mind.

I got to start with Dr. Cornell West at UNO last week. The man is brilliant. It's amazing how he draws so many references from history around the world into the black experience. It was a free lecture but I would have paid to see that and would do it again.

From the great Dr. West to the sorry, sad, pitiful and depressing Strange Love with Flavor Flav. What was he doing having her out there on stage with Public Enemy. Hip hop has changed. That would have been cause for a riot 15 years ago.

You can read my thoughts on NBA all star weekend below.

I am 30 and getting old. I just finished my first week of wearing glasses and I have no idea how anybody could do this from a child to old age. I keep messing with them because they feel crooked. I would stopped wearing them if not for a few women that told me I look good in them.

This might be a little biased but J.R. Smith got robbed in the slam dunk contest. That around the back dunk was no less than a 49. We are going to pretend Chris Anderson didn't even participate.

How come a big deal isn't being made about George Bush liking gays and smoking weed?

And why are all those bombings still happening in Iraq?

I got to fix something I didn't do last week and should have................................

R.I.P. Ossie Davis

Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm not too upset to write this however. Is there a more elite, out of touch, and obnoxious group of millionaires than NBA players. The NBA all star game has been a three day reminder that these guys can do all the things and have all the fun that you can't afford to have. I understand the weekend is to celebrate the greatness of the players but there is no way anybody needs to party that much and show off at the same time. Posted by Hello

What a freaking week! I have been going through so many things this week. I didn't even get a chance to write about attending Dr. Cornell West's speech at UNO or about wearing glasses for the first time. I just couldn't get it together. I still can't. Oh well, I guess I will try again later.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The Little Sh@t

I was driving to work this morning listening to the song Roll Call by Lil John. The song has Ice Cube making a guest appearance. That got me thinking about how much I love records with an Ice Cube guest appearance. I will buy a cd just to hear his verse. That led to me thinking about all the little things like that give you guilty pleasure in life. I'm not talking about your kids, your parents, or your family and friends. That's your reason for living. I'm talking about things you look forward to during idle thought. That stuff you don't really need to live but can't seem to live without. If you were stuck on an island with all of your family and friends, what would make you sit back and say, "I wish I was home because of that"? Here's my list.

Writing on this blog!

Ice Cube guest appearances on other people's songs....I am making a whole cd full of just these songs

Hot Sausage on french bread with an ice tea....this is lunch at least once a week

Crabbing trips in St. Bernard Parish....wish I could do this every single day.

The New Orleans Lakefront on Sundays in the Spring and Summer

My big 55 gallon BBQ pit.

20 oz Porterhouse, medium well.

Good Hip Hop that's free of Nelly.

King, Smooth, and The Source magazines.

A big handrolled cigar made by somebody in the Caribbean.

Crown Royal and Miller High Life.

My Yahoo messenger contact list.

Mike and Mike, Jim Rome, Bill Simmons, Jayson Whitlock, Peter King and Gerry V (yes, I am a sports junkie).

My wrestling tape and dvd collection.

Any live football game.

Ladies in capri pants, low cut jeans, and fleece jogging pants with words on the back of them.....I should have kept this one to myself.

Private dance booths.......I should have kept this one to myself also.

Pictures of beer mixed with a shot of bourbon at the diaquiri shop on Fridays.

Melyssa Ford, Angie Stone, Mya, Venus Williams(not Serena), Elise Neal, Tracie Ellis Ross, Remy Martin, Eva Mendes, Jill Scott and the countless others.

Meet the Press, American Chopper, Monster Garage, RAW, Family Guy, The Daily Show, American Justice, City Confidential, CSI, and the greatest show ever, Sanford and Son.

Clifton's Peotic Moment # 1

Clear Skies

I yearn for a life of distinction
often I come up short with it.
I want to feel inner piece
I never really seem to end up with it.
All these thoughts take turns controlling me
I fight old demons from the past.
I try to view the cup half full
I usually really need a full glass.
My friends say Cliff you just think just too deep
And I let things I can't control concern me
Just for once while I'm traveling on this road
I wish there was clear skies on the journey.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Top Five - Cliff's Valentines Favorites

1. Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This - Rachell Farrell and Will Downing.

2. Candlelight and You - Chante Moore and Keith Washington

3. Adore - Prince

4. Cause I Love You - Lenny Williams

5. Send for Me - Atlantic Starr

Valentines Day........A Man's Nightmare

I'm not a man that doesn't believe in love. Love is great. It's good when you have someone to share your dreams and experiences with. However, this Valentine's Day thing has got to be stopped. The marketing community of this country has laid it on so thick that guys are out here today spending their last 20 dollars on balloons and a card. There are tables all over the city full of baskets containing stuff your girlfriend doesn't need or really want. People actually woke up this morning thinking that if they don't get anything today from thier mate that the person doesn't love them or care. How stupid is that. It's crazy if you don't do anything for the person for 364 days, show up on the 14th of Feburary with a box of nasty candy, and everything is forgiven. I saw a Zales commercial where the sister is crying after receiving earings from her boyfriend. That's more pressure than the Lexus commercials at Christmas. I think it's time for men to take a stand against Valentine's Day and show that one day isn't all that important. The 14th of Feburary shouldn't be the do or die day for your relationship. Now, I am outta here. I have to go find one of those stands with the baskets and balloons before it gets too late. I never said I was going to start the revolution today.
Well, I am feeling allot better this week. Mardi Gras sucked because I thought I was about to die walking out there. I am pleased to say that I think my coffee addiction may be fading. It has to. After last week, 8-10 cups a day is simply too much to drink. In between sleeping and being dizzy, I was still paying attention to what was going on.........I think.

Everybody is tripping on Jose Canseco but what's the difference between him and Victor Conte. Conte is more of a criminal than Canseco ever will be. The problem is that Canseco is ratting out the All American Mark Magwire.

The NFL is getting it's first black owner. This brother could do me a big favor and move the Vikings to LA so the league can leave my Saints alone.

Speaking of the Saints, I can't believe we hired Mike Sheppard as the offensive coordinator. One more reason why my season ticket money will be spent on fishing equipment.

The votes have been counted in Iraq. I have a question. How come they haven't announced names of any of the winners? I wouldn't announce my name and turn into the human bullseye either.

The least Prince Charles could have done was found a woman that looked as good as Diana if he was going to get married again. An Americn man with that much power would have a wife half of his age.

Brigette Neilson is meeting Public Enemy on the next episode of Strange Love. I can't believe they made it through this episode without somebody getting shot by Professor Griff and the S1W's. Our culture as we know it is dying.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Well it's Friday night and I am at home suffering from a week long headache. This kind of thing really bothers me because I'm not used to any prolong sickness. I'm sure they will go away soon. I have an eye appointment in the morning and the big challenge will be trying to find some frames that look good.

Monday, February 7, 2005

Well, it's the Monday before Mardi Gras and there is nothing worse than being at work today. You get to party onTuesday and everybody is in church on Wednesday. I don't think I will be doing too much tomorrow. I will go check out some Mardi Gras indians and then I am coming back home. No need to be out in that nasty weather all day. Here are some helpful Mardi Gras tips.

You can't lose your kids at a parade. There is no excuse for that. I am almost sure that soembody brought this little girl home for the night and then brought her back the next morning so she could be found. The news is calling it a kidnapping. I think it's more of a person trying to do the right thing in the wrong way and got scared.

I would like to ask all the tourist in town to please not pee on anybody's lawn or in alleys next to their house. I know the city should put port o lets on Bourbon but that's no reason to make those people have to smell all that urine for the next three months.

Zulu, save some of that good stuff on the float for when you get back to the hood downtown. There's always too many of you sitting on the float drinking because you gave all your stuff away on St. Charles St.

Young brothers, leave your damn pit bulls at home in the yard. Too many old people and babies out there that can run away from one of those crazy bastards. My first act as mayor is going to be making it legal to shoot any dog bigger than a puppy on the parade route. This goes for Super Sunday and second lines as well. Also leave home the snakes, lizards and any other pets. I saw a dude with a chicken walking down the street Saturday.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Patriots 24 Eagles 21

Well, the better team won. With all the talk about parody and salary cap. There can still be a dynasty in football when a organization has the right system. I have a feeling both of these teams will be back in the game next year.

I really wanted Donovan Mcnabb to get that ring.

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Top Five - Mardi Gras Edition

1. Let your Mind be Free - Soul Rebels Brass Band

2. New Suit - Wild Magnolias

3. Shallow Water Oh Mama - Golden Eagles

4. Knock With Me Rock With Me - Lil Rascals Brass Band

5. Carnival Time - Al Johnson

Game Time

Before the game starts I just wanted to say that there is nothing going on during this game that requires a 4 hour pregame show. Why can't they just play football and not have all this BS before the game. We don't need a concert. We need football. I hate the Superbowl. It's the one game that is the least about football of them all. Now that I got that off my chest, it's time for my pick..............

Emotional Pick - Eagles 24 Patriots 17

Realistic Football Pick - Patriots 27 Eagles 13

The first one is what I would like to see happen. The second one is what probably will happen.


I was watching VH1 last night and got really disturbed. Are they trying to totally discredit Public Enemy with putting Flav in that show? I hope whatever he is making is enough to deal with the fact he is selling out everything the group he is a member of stood for. I guess he never listened to the Fear of a Black Planet album.

VH1 is also trying to make everything Micheal Jackson's crazy ass has done Joe Jackson's fault. There's not allot of people that was able to raise 10 black children in Gary Indiana and keep them out of trouble. He had to hit somebody. Mike is strange on his own. I bet you Tito and Jackie too way more whippings than he did and they seem to be fairly normal.........I think!

Thursday, February 3, 2005

The Superbowl Interview

Since I think that nobody knows anymore about football than I do, I decided to interview myself this morning and ask 10 questions about the Superbowl. No, I am not going crazy

The Superbowl is Sunday. Are black people going to be rooting for the Eagles because of Donovan McNabb? Of course they will.

Does his team really have a chance to win with those receievers they have? Of course they don't.

Is Cliff going to watch and be pissed off with all the butt kissing of Tom Brady even though he doesn't really do anything to help his team win? I'm not watching the game.

Does anybody else wish T.O. just shut up and play the damn game and stop acting like God sent him down on a lightning bolt to deliver the Eagles? Lots of people feel this way Cliff.

If you live in San Francisco and Baltimore, don't you really want him to trip during the introductions and not play at all just for being such an asshole? Yes

Some Eagles fans have been mortaging their homes to go to the game. Is that stupid? It's very stupid

If the Saints were playing, would you do it? I would have done it and been in Jacksonville the Monday after the NFC championship.

Name one player on the Eagles that will have to show up big for them to win? Jeremiah Trotter has to play well against the run and recognize the play action pass plays.

Name one player on the Patriots that has to show up big for them to win? Matt Light the left tackle. Tom Brady is not that good with pressure on him. If Kearse can get some pressure, he will make mistakes.

Give us your prediction Cliff? Well, I am going to go with my heart and say Eagles 21 Patriots 13. I'll be glad when this game is over so I can go into football hibernation until the draft.
The president made his state of the union address last night. Since I knew he wasn't going to say anything that I wanted to hear, I didn't even watch it. We already knew what he was going to say. It's pretty much more of the same from him. Even if you don't agree with him, you have to admit he's pretty consistent. He doesn't change his mind even when it's clear he is way off base. I live in the hood which means that most of his agenda will always leave me on the short end of the stick anyway. That's usually the case with national politics. Why does everyone in the room stand and applaud whenever the president says something during the speech anyway? That just makes him think he has the right idea. Everybody stood up and applauded when he said Saddam had 8000 lbs of poison gas and you see what that led to.

As far as social security is concerned, you can't trust private enterprise with something that serious. I don't want to invest my money and watch people skim off the top and make themselves rich for the next 40 years until I can get it. Who's going to determine where the money is invested? I bet you all of the investment companies will be located in Houston and Dallas. It all seems like a money scheme to me.

It's good to see that New Orleans set a tourism record last year. I have one question. Where in the hell is all that money going?

Tom Benson bought a big ass boat the same year the state gave him 12 million dollars. It's stupid stuff like this that moves the team closer to becoming the Los Angeles Diablos. I always wonder how some of the people from this area ever became rich being as stupid as they are.