Tuesday, December 12, 2006

An Example of the Difference

There was a C student who the Supreme Court made president even though more people voted for the other guy. Then he used the nation's outrage over a terrorist attack to send us to war based on bad information even though we didn't really need to at the time. Now we are stuck in this country in the middle of a civil war and more troops die with each passing day. The majority of the country thinks that this war is going bad and wants it to end. He has done such a poor job that the rival political party was able to take control of the House and the Senate primarily because of his performance. Even his own dad tried to save him by sending some of his old crew to help him out of the mess. After all of that, we are now waiting for the same man to come with a new plan to fix his old plan so he can take credit and repair his legacy.

This is one of those times where I feel comfortable in making the following statement....

America would never let a black man get away with this.

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Book said...

merry christmas.. im livin' in your hood