Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten Thoughts From The Mayoral Debate

I made it home in time to watch the first New Orleans mayoral debate. It was moderated by Norman Robinson who did a good job at trying to keep everything sounding serious despite the obvious humor from some of the candidates. I have a few thoughts.

1. After watching the debate tonight I think it would be a good idea for everyone in the city to scale back their unrealistic expectations of one man or woman walking into City Hall and transforming the city with their leadership. I’m not saying that there was no one up there that wouldn’t be a good mayor. I’m saying that it’s time to look at solutions from a broader view than just one person.
2. If I had to name a top five in no particular order it would be Leslie Jacobs, Troy Henry, Mitch Landrieu, John Georges, and everybody else.
3. Ed Murray needs to pick it up but I did agree with his idea that the mayor’s office needs to be more involved with the educational system. This is a great idea even if it’s just serving as a watchdog for the citizens.
4. James Perry should have spent more of his talking time presenting his agenda and not attacking Ed Murray’s voting record. The people have to know you well enough before stuff like that holds weight.
5. There was a candidate named Jerry Jacobs who was trying his best to make Norman Robinson snap by answering every question with his idea to legalize marijuana. I don’t know about legalizing weed but his overall point was the closest to my main concern in the city. Everyone has good ideas but we have no money to implement them. Legalizing marijuana might not be the answer but we do need some cash.
6. Speaking of cash…we pay 9% sales tax in the city of New Orleans and only 2.5% of that goes back to the city. Where does the other 6.5% go and why haven’t I heard anyone go completely bonkers about this?
7. Anytime Rob Couhig says anything negative about Ray Nagin he loses creditability with me because he is one of the people who endorsed him during the run-off and helped him get back in there during the last election.
8. I bet Nadine Ramsey is going to do much better in debates once she gets over her camera shyness. She looked nervous.
9. Someone at the transit authority should go to work in the morning and make the St. Charles streetcar handicap accessible for Jonah Bascle. The first reason is that should already be done. The second reason is that if he wins the election all of you are getting fired.
10. My final opinion is this debate did nothing to move to the corner of one candidate or another but now I know the few that I want to do more research on. Right now the biggest thing that happened to me was finding out the city only gets 2.5% of the sales tax we pay. I need some clarification on that.


Anonymous said...

Four percent of the tax goes to the state. Of the other five percent, the 2.5% goes to the city and the other 2.5% to other local taxing authorities like the levee district. Not saying it's all justified or well-used -- just that the percentages are pretty easy to follow if you run a business.

mominem said...

I agree with every comment you made except one. The Mayor has not legal responsibility fr education and should fix the rest of city government first.

That not to say he shouldn't lobby the legislature or make some speeches, but it not the Mayor's job and there is plenty of fucked up shit he is directly responsible for.

the teej. said...

I think James Perry and Leslie Jacobs (minus having the poorly worded tax question first) stole the debate and that John Georges and Mitch Landrieu looked like idiots ("leadership means having good leaders" and "from the breadth and depth of my heart and soul"?), but...

I think Nadine Ramsey will look a lot more comfortable onstage if she wears a pantsuit next time. She wore a knee-length skirt and was seated in the front row. That'd make any woman nervous.

Ricardo said...

Perry is exploiting the chinks in Ed Murray's armour effectively. Murray did author the eminent domain bill in 2006. NORA is handcuffed by the law. However, the Eagle Scout / Lifeguard bit rings hollow. Can you save me now?

Although the candidates that have no chance did add levity to the evening (with the exception of Jonah Bascle that made a very valid point that you cannot get simple things accomplished in this city without becoming Mayor) I hope that they take their 15 minutes of fame and step back because we have very important issues to discus in a very short amount of time.

The gotcha questions were very badly worded and when the first caqndiate did not bite the rest took a bye as well.

I was there and an angry old white guy made a scene at the front 6 minutes before air time and was escorted out. WTF? I have no idea what it was about. Was there anybody up front who got a better view?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA... Angry Old White Guy! HAHAHAH they're the new angry young white guy causing scenes at political events.... HAHAHAHAHA old people now-a-days ain't like they used to be when I was younger

I think its: Henry, L. Jacobs, Landrieu/Murray, Georges/Ramsey for right now.

I think it could ultimately come down to Henry vs. Jacobs in the end if Landrieu doesn't improve b/c his whole "I love this city with my heart and soul" got played out toute sweet.