Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fred Sings a Christmas Song

What would a holiday season be without watching Fred Sanford singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas? Sanford and Son was the only show I ever heard my grandmother and my Paran (that's godfather for you squares) laugh out loud. I have saw all of these episodes at least 20 times....who's the old white dude playing the guitar at Aunt Ester's house? How does a character never seen on another episode make the Christmas party? I can't believe that after all those underground comedy albums they recorded Bubba, Leroy, Skillet or Ester couldn't play an instrument. Where was Grady?


Anonymous said...

Did you notice at The Roots concert last night (Thanks for the heads up on that!) DJ Soul Sister played the Curtis Blow Christmas song?

Clifton said...

Howie.....once again the powers that be got together and ruined my plans. I didn't make it to the concert.

Loye said...

It appears jazz guitarist Herb Ellis was in the neighborhood and just happened to have his guitar. I guess it worked out well for everyone.