Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Ground in Chocolate City

This picture was taking outside of my office a little earlier.

The next time Mother Nature decides to make it snow in New Orleans she needs to start it around 6:00AM so I can just roll back over and continue sleeping. It wasn't right I had to get all the way to work before the blizzard. It sucks when you live this far at the bottom of the map. It hasn't been a good hour since the snow stopped falling and it's already turning to mud. That is why me and my week long bad cough went outside and walked around in it like an idiot.

Hooray Influenza!!!!

It's amazing how many people sent me messages about what happened the year after the last holiday season that it snowed in New Orleans. I will not jinx it by mentioning it again. That was just a coincidence.


Please Delete said...

Sorry, you didn't get to enjoy a "Snow Day", but thanks for posting a picture of the snow. I heard about the snow a little while ago from my folks who are in town there visiting relatives, but they didn't have any pictures.

Just for some perspective, it looks like you got more snow today than we've had here (Boise, Idaho) so far this year. I'll leave that up to the meteorologists to decide for sure, but don't worry about us, we'll get caught up before winter ends.

Anonymous said...

I thought about it but I wouldn't dare mention it. Especially to you. I hope you are off the next time there is a snow day so you can enjoy it fully.