Monday, December 1, 2008

What The @#$$^@$

I couldn't come up with a proper name for this post without cusswords.

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My friends and I have this phrase we use called a Black Man Moment. We use it to describe a situation that we think only a black man can experience. I am sure other people go through the same things but everyone we know with this kind of luck happens to be black so we are keeping the name. I grew up watching my dad have moments like this. My favorite was the time in high school when I had to get to the airport for 6AM to fly to Orlando and his car and his truck wouldn’t start. There are too many good ones to mention them all. My boy was out of work for seven months. On his way to a job interview his car broke down about seven blocks from the office. It was 96 degrees in August and he had on a grey shirt. By the time he made it to the office it looked like he just played a game of basketball and his hands smelled like antifreeze. All he could do is shake his head. I know everybody is trying to figure out what the hell I am talking about by now. Well, the black man moment meter was forever smashed Friday morning when these deranged jackasses ran over this brother at Wal Mart when he opened the door for Black Friday.

I feel so bad for this brother. He probably had a great Thanksgiving with his family and went to sleep early just to get up and spend his last moments looking at stupid Americans run over him. Don’t these people realize that Wal Mart puts out those 40 televisions on sale for 300.00 to make silly ass customers storm the door at the crack of dawn knowing all the time they have about five million of those things in a warehouse they will put out for the same price in the middle of January? What the hell was everybody running around like crazy Friday for anyway? We are supposed to be saving money for the recession. Everybody who ran over this man or saw him laying there and kept going should be prosecuted and his family should get to sell all the junk he was ran over for or set it all on fire. I can’t believe these people trampled the man to shop at Wal Mart. Obama better start making some more speeches to hypnotize them again because the new attitude is wearing off already.


Bayou Belle said...

lol ;-)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

There wasn't even that many great deals. That poor man. People are so selfish.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

so so sad

Anonymous said...

It is sad what happened to that man trying to make a living. You are correct that same stuff will be on sale again. People are so silly and foolish many stores were giving discounts prior to black Friday. No possession was worth that man's life! They all need to be punished for the lack of concern. Customers would NOT leave the store after it became a crime scene. Very Sad incident.