Friday, December 5, 2008

This Happens All The Time

I read the story about the mom and her friend kicking in the door to avenge her son’s death and was not moved or surprised at all. The only thing that moved me in the story is I was happy a policeman was close enough to walk in there and stop it. This kind of thing happens all the time. Usually the mama doesn't go with the score settlers. They usually wait at the house. This probably makes up for about 40 % of the murder rate. What probably would have happened is that one of the people fighting over the gun would have gotten killed. Then, someone close to the victim would have retaliated against the survivor. That’s why most murders in the city lead to one or two more.

The article mentioned how she did it because she didn’t trust the justice system....
Shawntrell Hills didn't trust police, had little faith in the criminal justice system and wanted an immediate resolution to her son's slaying, relatives said.

Her son, after all, was a known Central City cocaine and heroin peddler, the kind of victim they believe elicits little pity from detectives.

There is some truth in that but my thing is if she knew enough to know where to go find the people who did it she could have just told the police and maybe she would have got a quick resolution. Trying your best to get your son to stop selling cocaine and heroin was another good idea. This city has an isolated group of people who don’t care about rebuilding efforts, or the city’s image or not even what their neighbors think. They live by their own rules and their own code. You can have 5000 police officers with crime cameras on ever corner and you won’t be able to do anything about crime until you tackle that mentality. Just read the article. Ms. Hills’ family puts it out there for you.

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