Monday, December 22, 2008

Still in Holiday Mode

I know some people will see this clip of the Mr. Bingle story and think it’s cool and nostalgic. I just wanna say that there was nothing cool about standing in that line at Maison Blanche watching all this kids catch whippings because they couldn’t keep still. I am certain half of the Christmas pictures taking in that place did not have smiles.

The second video is being posted because I am from New Orleans, it mentions the Ninth Ward and it always makes me smile. Man I wish Mckenzies was still open. By the way, if you live here and don’t know at least 8 of these references you need to consider moving.


Book said...


Im sorta too young for Mr Bingle. but i do remember when he was Removed from Maison Blanche for Good ..

You know what else sux...

The "Jack N The Box" Guy sorta has that Mr Bingle look ..

Clifton said...

Jack in the Box totally stole Mr. Bingle.