Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Memory.....Passing Me By

I want to share this story with the public in recognition of Valentine’s Day. Back in 1988 when I was in the 8th grade I had a crush on Latonya Banks. Back then I was very shy and never said anything to girls I was digging. On February 14th I finally got the courage up to go to the store and buy a card to give to her. I tried to pick the best card with the least amount of words for under 4 dollars (that was all I had). I would have gone with one of those sappy poems but I couldn’t risk that getting around the school I went to because it would have been torture. I bought my card and waited for our 7th period English class. I figured if I gave it to her at the end of the day she might be more willing to show a brother some “appreciation”. Back then appreciation was hugs for me so don’t get all excited. The bell rang. I walked up to her and gave her my envelope………….

And she didn’t even open it. She took it, said thank you and walked away with the rest of her friends. It took me three weeks to get over that. It was my first lesson that picking up the pieces in your life is a process. Looking back on it I don’t know why I was so into her anyway. She had a jheri curl and everything. I don’t want to sound bitter because she was actually a pretty nice girl. Besides, that was 21 years ago. I would like to dedicate Passing Me By performed by one of my favorite groups of all time The Pharcyde to Latonya Banks and ask her how it feels to know she broke the heart of a 13 year old kid. I know she was 13 too but so what. Girls mature faster than boys so that makes her guilty.


Bliss said...

Awwwwww man. Sorry about the broken heart. I sho feel you on that one. lol

On a more positive note, I finally found "my" Cliff Harris. Like a week ago. On Facebook. :o)

Happy Love Day brotha!

Clifton said...

Hey Bliss,
Happy to hear from you...I am glad you found that cat.