Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Weekend Vibe

I am headed out to enjoy a beautiful Saturday. Before I do I want to add another group to my personal agenda of highlighting local New Orleans hip hop artists that break our stereotype. I would like to present The Knux and apologize to them like I did to Jay Electronica for being late to discovery. I love when guys like this start getting recognition because it's proof that not every brother from New Orleans looks, talks, and acts like Lil Wayne. Enjoy the video until Universal Music blocks it.

1 comment:

Bella Noire said...

Ok so I like their style and I will definitely check them out further.

BUT how are they truly doing something "different" from Lil Wayne, yes they have an entirely different style but I mean they are all kinda talking about the same thing.. n'est pas?

I'm just curious cuz I mean they aren't necessarily talking about something different.