Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bobby Can Do Better

Things must have really gone bad for Governor Jindal last night because even FOX news said it was bad. The funny part about this clip and is always funny on Sunday mornings is the chance for Juan Williams to say something negative and it's so true that no one else on the panel can argue. It's like you can see the gloating in his eyes. Maybe the governor really doesn’t like crowds and the idea of the entire country listening threw him off his game. If that’s the case then he needs to work on that if he’s going to run for president or he won’t make it out of the first debate. All jokes aside, I have heard Bobby Jindal speak lots of times and this was not reflective of his skill. I know he doesn't like to spend money but he might need to put out a few dollars on a speech writer for his next national gig.

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Anonymous said...

This was the real Bobby. All those other speaches were rehearsed and not genuine. The real bobby Jindal is peaking out. Fast talkers are fake and rehearsed to me. I never take them serious. P.S. This is only MY opinion of the Governor people