Friday, February 13, 2009

Sitting On My Porch Part Twenty Two

It’s hard to be a successful blogger when you get sick, can’t stay awake, and decide not to watch the news. You know there had to be a good reason for me to leave Lil Wayne’s performance up there all week. There’s something in the air around this city right now and everyone seems to be ill in some way. I think this is where they sent all the bad peanut products. Whatever it is I hope it goes away soon because I can’t take any more pills.

I’m two weeks late on this but when I was at the Beyond Jena forum and met some young sisters there that I told I was going to give a shot out too. So, this goes out to Ms. Candice and Ms. Shana. I also wanted to say hello to Kamm.

I would like to tell President Obama that while I understand what he is trying to do with the bipartisan strategy, sometimes you have to make people respect you first before you extend the olive branch. That means laying the smack down to some of the opposition as well as some folks in your own party who threw all kinds of crazy things into a stimulus bill that didn’t need to be there. It’s just like when you get promoted at a job where the employees have been there a long time. Sometimes you have to be jerk at the beginning until everyone knows who is running things then you can sing Koombaya later.

I saw this on Red’s blog and when I realized my friend had something to do with it I had to highlight it myself. Check out The Roots of Music website and show them your support. I can personally vouch for the band director. Mr. Rawlins is a great guy, a dedicated musician and if you invite him to your house he will always bring something.

Don’t you hate when you tell someone you are having a bad day and they start giving you all these inspirational quotes and stuff? I said I was having a bad day. I didn’t say I was jumping off a bridge because life isn’t worth it. I don’t need you to tell me that I have a lot to be thankful for if my day is rough. I know that already. That’s why I am telling you and not cussing out my CEO.

If America wants a poster child for how party politics brainwashes politicians look no further than Joseph Cao. Here is a man that voted with his party against the stimulus package when the entire health of his district depends on government money. He actually has one of the few districts in America that should accept federal money with no shame at all since it was federal levees that put us in this position. He should have been asking for more money. Here’s what I don’t get. I live in New Orleans East. The majority of the Vietnamese population in this area does as well. Congressman Cao is their first Vietnamese representative in Washington and lives in New Orleans East himself. Shouldn’t someone on his staff had been working the halls of the capitol pledging his yes vote for the stimulus if there was guaranteed money in it for a hospital in New Orleans East? How twisted is the political system when a man of any party votes no instead of working for the needs of his OWN NEIGHBORHOOD!

The crime and social problems around this city are complicated because New Orleans is such a close knit city that you know people on each side of the equation and that can affect your morale. I had two conversations this week with some old friends. One made me feel really good and optimistic about things going forward. I had the second conversation fifteen minutes later and wanted to pack all my possessions, hit the highway and not look back. Your outlook on the situation can change just that fast.

I just can’t see Chris Brown hitting anybody. Chris Brown looks like one of those boys whose parents never let them leave the gate to play football in the street with the other kids. You know the one when everyone else was playing the game in the street he was running back in forth on his porch throwing the ball to himself? Guys like that are not supposed to hit women. Guys of any kind are not supposed to hit women unless his life is in danger.

Finally, tomorrow is the greatest corporate driven holiday in the world. It’s the day where months of hard work by men trying to gain the favor of a certain woman can be destroyed by not spending money he doesn’t have on chocolate she won’t eat and a card full of words no real man would ever say. I know there are some guys out there that have a new boo and have already used up their money and home run gift idea on Christmas. Well, I am about to help you out and give you a solution for less than 40 bucks. Go to the store; get the ingredients of whatever you know how to cook without burning, some wine, and dessert. Go to her crib, clean up for her, cook, then put this song on after dinner and ask her to dance. Trust me; this is worth way more than that stuff animal and candy. Don't worry if she doesn't know this song. Just tell her to pay attention to the words and you are in there!


Leigh C. said...

Oh, Lordy! Not you too! I hope you're feeling better. And yes, cleaning and cooking for the lady you love means so, so much. Just do it, fellas.

Anonymous said...

woke up this mernin and there was no cleaning, and cooking going on *blank stare* But I love that song. LOL

Anonymous said...

There he IS!!!!

Missed you man. Everyone ('cept me!) is getting that horrid I-don't-know-what-it-is sickness. be careful.

that's so whack about Chris Brown. unfortunately, news reports are now saying its not the first time he laid hands on princess RiRi which means this might not be the last time. Some women roll like that, letting guys roll on them. I hope she gets her head right about him.

And Joseph Cao... i called that dude's office in DC yesterday and gave his assistant or whoever that was an earful. He sounded drained, asking for my name and address LOL! perhaps he'd already received hella calls. I gave his the addy and told him don't bother killing more trees to send me a letter - just get his act in gear and stop running up behind what Scalise says do cause that's how he's gonna LOSE his job.

and thanks for the shout out on the roots story. But can you fix the link? it misdirects and I wanna make sure lots of eyes see the good news about those brothers and the kids they're working with.

phew! okay, that's all.

Not So Old Soldier said...

This is a home run any day of the year. You get double coupons when its not for a special occasion.