Friday, January 30, 2009

Michael Steele is the First Black RNC Chairman

I would like to congratulate Michael Steele on this historic accomplishment. Before I get too excited for the brother I need to know if the other members of the party got permission from Rush Limbaugh before making this decision. The way things have been going lately, if he starts going off about this pick on Monday the party will get together and take another vote to put someone else in this spot. It's going to be very interesting to see how things go as Mr. Steele tries to open the party up to other people. I just hope no one says anything too crazy or insensitive about a man that stuck with his party even when they didn't seem to care about including his own people in the discussion. That has to make him a true believer right? I sure hope Mr. Limbaugh finds it in his heart to allow Michael Steele to lead for whatever length of time it takes to groom Sarah Palin to become the face of the party.


Kevin Allman said...

I would like to know if Limbaugh considers Mr. Steele to be a "magic Negro," and I'd like to know how Mr. Steele feels about that fatuous fatass characterizing Barack Obama with that same term.

So we've got a black GOP chairman, and we've got a DNC chair who's against abortion, unions, and unmarried people adopting.

Crazy. And that's the kindest term I can come up with for both Michael Steele and Tim Kaine.

Anonymous said...

You act as if Limbaugh made that up. The magic negro thing doesn't come from him. It started in the 50ties in a pretty negative way but Spike Lee brought it up to criticize films he didn't direct and more recently it came from a black writer at the LA times. It played off a Los Angeles Times opinion piece by freelance writer David Ehrenstein, who characterized Obama as an archetypal cinematic "Magic Negro" — a black man who assuages white guilt, like the character played by Sidney Poitier in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. I heard him talking on NPR and he also gave as examples the Will Smith Character in Bagger Vance and John Coffee in the Green Mile.

So I guess you only care about how things make you "FEEL" and not the facts. I have had some black folks tell me that they heard on the internet that Rush Limbaugh called Ray Nagin....Ray Nigger and that if I didn't want to believe it that I was a raciest. Well he didn't call Ray Nagin ...Ray Nigger and if he had he would be lynched in modern terms. So they and maybe you are living in some dream.

The song parody that it comes from is quite funny and features the Rev. Al Sharpton singing over a megaphone to the tune of puff the magic dragon. He complains in the song that "He", is black and that when he ran white people didn't vote for him and that "all these white folks are voting for Barrak so he must be magic". He also notes in the song that Barrak is black like him but "Not Authentically"

See a lot of black people like Rev. Sharpton and the Rev. Jessie Jackson complained that the President didn't have "Slave Blood" in him so he wasn't really black. I have heard other black friends of mine say that he isn't really African American because his ancestors didn't go through the middle passage. This is all Hitler talk and raciest to the bone but it was tolerated because these people are black. They are afraid of what a Black president might do to their livelihoods. It is really too late for that now though.

If you can't get the humor in that then I am sorry for you. The really funny thing is that these two white people. Limbaugh and Paul Shanklin are always going to wait for a black person to say something first before that attempt any parody because of all the political correctness surrounding any perceived race issues.

Using Google causes Green House Gases and man made global warming so I will save you the trouble.

Here is an NPR article talking about the GOP contest and the reference to upset caused by the song and the origin of the term.

I spend as much time listening to NPR as I do Rush Limbaugh that is why I heard the interview with the author of the newspaper article and the entire parody and you did not. You are no doubt afraid to Listen to Rush because you are not intellectually honest enough to take it.

Your moral high ground came out from under your feet with the election President Obama. People have a right to make fun of what ever they want. They shouldn't have to wait for a black person to say something before it's ok. Black comedians call other black people Nigger and make white people look stupid and backwards and no one calls them out for it.

The current attempt to find a way to get Limbaugh off the air is a vapid waste of time and a violation of his free speech right. You missed the chance to get him thrown in Jail over the pill thing. So move on .org your self and started getting in to the new normal. Black people are not being discriminated against by white people on an institutional basis. The Buildaburgers , The Free Masons, Jews, Big Oil, The FBI and Blackwater don't run the United States. The Republicans don't control all the voting machines and can't make their guy win.

If they did, then how is Barack Hussein Obama the President of the United States? It sort of makes all of those old theories look stupid and about 20 years too late. They were not true in the first place. The fact that someone needs to explain this is really bad.

People got all twisted about the article when it was written

because they don't want to admit that white people elected Obama. A lot of them did it because it made them feel less guilty. A lot of white people got upset when every black person said they were voting for Obama but they would have voted for who ever the Democrats put up like they have since FDR. So the only difference here is white folk and their cute little guilt complex fostered by the likes of Reverend Sharpton.

So excuse me but that shit is funny and you would be a better person if you got over it. Try to listen to all sides and if you value the money you make you had better get off the everything democrats do is bad and everything the republicans do is bad. They both got us in this situation with the economy and neither one is going to get us out.

Only we can do that. When I say we I mean normal people like you and me. You know citizens and voters? Americans?

Getting Rush off the air or making him look like a Raciest when half of the people he employs are black isn't going to make one job or stop one house from going in to foreclosure.

This is all a trick being played by the media and the politicians to distract us while they spend money we don't even have on bailouts and spending that are not going to do anything but keep them in office.

Wake up, learn to laugh at your self once in a while or you will find out too late the the country that we both love and all of our grand children money has been stolen from US.

Sorry from the rant but the revolution of the mind is fully due and I am starting with you!

Here is the original piece from the LA Times.,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail

Anonymous said...

I just went to your other blog and tried to read it and it is by invitation only.

Wow. I can't imagine why? NOLA Race matters? Hmmmm? I can see my time was more than likely wasted here. Not only is your mind closed but your Race Blog is also closed.

Clifton said...

I would gladly send you an invitation to that blog if there was any thing on it.

First of all Mr. Watkins because I am not closed minded I don't mind your two page comment. However, before I entertain your comment I want you to search this website and find the words "magic negro" written by me. You won't find them because I never spoke on it. Those words were in a comment to this post and they were written by a white man. I am sure he doesn't need my help to defend what he said.

Secondly, I could have mentioned the fact that Rush was screaming "cause he's black! cause he's black" to describe the Republicans willingness to work with President Obama but I didn't. Why?..Because I don't care about that. Things are too serious to worry about every crazy thing someone says. I must admit though that the Republican Party needs to question what they are doing if a talk radio host can be bold enough to request a meeting with the president to present his own stimulus plan. Just to make you happy, I would feel that way if it were Democrats doing it. Am I the only person that thinks this is out of line and just a bit dangerous to give someone not elected by the people that much power?

Third, take your time and find a post on here where I excused anyone of color for doing anything wrong. You won't find that either. You must be one of those angry people who respond without getting to know exactly who or what you are responding to. You can start the revolution of the mind but you are starting with the wrong guy. Don’t bring all that around here if you don’t know what you are talking about.

Not So Old Soldier said...

I know that you don't need my encouragement but... Tell it! Right is right! these right and left wingers ( I am a liberal) who don't have open minds need to move in to the new mallenium. Our problems are not black or white, republican or democrat, good people against bad people. He should have blogged about this on his own page!!

Bella Noire said...

*two snaps*

I think it's a very interesting thing to be a black republican, especially as I used to not think they existed, then I thought they were crazy. I am still leaning toward the latter. Then I grew to actually know and love one, we had ideological conflicts all the time but we agreed on one thing, that things needed to improve in this country. I can't necessarily get down with the trickle down effect, because I do not think it works and a lot of these CEOs are showing us this more than ever. And as people are so in debt and worried about their future, the bottom up approach might be a little slow but regardless something has to give. Although I have made some choice comments to Cliff in private about them motives behind Steele's selection I just praise God it wasn't Alan Keys, though I'm not sure many can take him seriously. I also wish him the best and hope that they can come with something greater than the weak mess that their party has been dishing out.
I am more of an independent really and I do not mind supporting anyone who has good ideas. It can't just be one side throwing out ideas and the other side acting an ass. There is too much at stake and truly I hope these hard economic times will cause Repubs to think about how they need to re-brand themselves and hopefully the Dems, despite being the majority will dare to do the same and stop gloating.
Not that Cliff needs defending but don't be bringing no mess round here... smh