Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Wanna Kick Danny Platt's Ass

This is not a good way to start the new year.

This could be the worst story ever
and that’s saying a lot when you live where I do.

If this is an indicator of what kind of things are going to be happening during the year I am going to stop blogging. My only wish is that I had five minutes alone with this asshole in a room. I would kick his ass on behalf of his two year old son who never had a chance to survive what this grown man did to him. If there was ever a time a New Orleans jury was going to hand out the death penalty this is it. As a community we should demand the highest amount of punishment. There was absolutely no reason for this to happen. I hope he’s having a long night trying to fight off the other prisoners.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday and besides my first set of football equipment I really don’t remember too many things he bought me in detail. I can say without a doubt that there hasn’t been a day I have been on earth that I haven’t felt wanted or that he wasn’t proud to be my daddy. Even when he busted my ass there was love involved. Sometimes you can make decisions that piss off your father. Sometimes they can say or do things to piss you off too. If you are a parent you know that everyday is not going to be a good day but you have to keep trying to make it better. All you really have control over is love and effort. If your dad is still around and you can go by his house or pick up the phone do it tonight or as soon as possible just to say hello and thank you. If he’s not around say thanks to yourself because even if he isn’t the shining example of fatherhood like Big Cliff, he’s still not Danny Platt.

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