Monday, January 12, 2009

It's A New Week and Another Chance

Last week was not the way I wanted the first week of the New Year to be. I was not a happy guy. I won’t get into it again but if there was anyone who tried to have a conversation with me about something and I broke into a speech about morality and fatherhood I apologize if I rambled on and on. I couldn’t help it.

My second week was about to get off to a bad start too as I received three phone calls from people I care about with issues I couldn’t help them with. Things are rough in the city. I also somehow acquired a computer virus on my personal computer that was so mean and vicious that I am certain whoever wrote the code for it has to be living in his mother’s basement and has never had a girlfriend. Only a man that frustrated could think of something like that.

I’m like an amateur self help guru since Katrina. The best way to deal with a bunch of negative news is to combat that with something positive because negative news tends to spiral out of control if you can't mix in a reason to keep pushing forward. You also need something that makes you feel good without any effort. Let’s get to the positive stories first. Lil Wayne gave 200,000 dollars to help rebuild a park in his old neighborhood. I am going to scratch him off of the things I would like to see this year. I didn’t think I would be checking off Wayne coming back this early. I was actually hoping for the Buffie The Body email first. If I get that email tomorrow this week is officially off the chain!

The other positive story is that after three and a half years of wanting to kick the president’s ass for taking his time about rescuing my people from a drowning city, it turns out that I was wrong and the response was not slow after all! I know you are waiting on the positive spin on that and here it is………The fact that he can even find the slightest amount of balls to stand up there and say those words speaks to the bravery and diligence of those folks from the Coast Guard and Navy that kicked ass and was rescuing people while Kathleen Blanco was still deciding what shirt to wear on television. If our city leaders weren’t all being controlled by zombies there would have been a parade in their honor and unlimited credit to any gentleman’s club they wanted to go to within city limits. They earned it because things would have been much more horrible if it weren’t for them.

See, things aren’t that bad. Lil Wayne helped the kids, George Bush isn’t incompetent, and we even have a black senator…I think, maybe. Who knows what’s going on with that mess. At least it’s not Louisiana which is another positive. If none of that helps you feel any better, you need to do what I did today. Find your favorite performance including the awesome voice of Marsha Ambrosius and listen to it over and over. If her voice doesn’t give you at least a few minutes of good vibes then you might need medication.

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