Monday, January 5, 2009

Holidays Are Over So Let's Get to Work

The holiday season is over and there’s about 6 weeks before Mardi Gras season. That means it’s time to be productive. This will be the first regular week in a long time. That means the coffee will magically disappear without anyone making another pot before I do. There will also be that one person in the office that seems to have computer software problems even though 20 other people are using the same software and have no issues at all. One thing I was guilty of in 2008 was slacking off too many days at work. While things are in decent shape, I still could have done much more so that’s my focus. I guess it’s hard to tell since I am drinking coffee and writing this blog but trust me at 9:00 AM I am going 100mph.

I was just sitting here trying to get my energy right after being upset for most of the weekend. It’s hard because everyone in the office is discussing this 2 year old baby’s murder. When you add that to the rain and fog the vibe is kind of dark. Nevertheless, I will try and focus on the positive. 2008 was the first year of my adult life that I didn’t make at least one questionable decision. For a full calendar year I didn’t do one thing that caused me to look at myself in the mirror one morning and say “What the hell were you thinking?” I should be proud of that. I used to have a goal of no more than three bad decisions as the sign of a good year but I managed to get through without one. Being this sensible is safe and rewarding but it sure is boring and it might drive me crazy. I guess I will get to work while I play my rainy day music.

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