Monday, January 26, 2009

Can't Nobody Ruin My Day

If you want to see joy and hope in a person talk to your neighbor who just had his first daughter.

If you want to be reminded of what your role is in everything help a five year old read a book or have a conversation with a three year old about how every time she goes to sleep she gets bigger!

If you need to be reminded that things are possible, talk to a brother older than you that is doing great things in spite of coming from rough circumstances.

If you just want to feel normal call your boy and let him crack a joke about something really stupid all in the middle of having a serious conversation about life.

Living in the city is a delicate balance of joy and pain. It’s a dance between hope and despair. You have to find signs of the good things in order to deal with the bad or you will drive yourself crazy. I am sorry but I can't let the actions of a few knuckleheads define me and my whole community. I have put too much work in to get back to this point to be mad all the time especially when I am doing the right thing. You shouldn't either if the right things apply to you.

Now, I am going drink this big cup of coffee, run some reports, chat with my friends, and continue the Jay Electronica movement. I hope you all have a good day because I am.


Leigh C. said...

AMEN! Selah!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out that we have made it this far in the last three-and-a-half years in spite of the knuckleheads (mayor, police chief, thugs, FEMA, insurance co.s, etc.)that were in our way. Yes, it is frustrating to have to go back over problems that we think should have resolved but we have moved forward hugely. Many of these evils date back much farther back than 8/29/05 and we will need to excersise the unified resolve for a much longer time than we would like. My investment in heart and money is worth the continued work. Sinn Fein.

Anonymous said...

Amen! The negativity is a downward spiral, for sure. Excellent post!