Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goodbye For Now Sweet Pigskin

This was the first weekend since late August without a football game. Every year I exercise my right as an American to not engage in any non emergency or non parental activity until after football season is over. I am sure it’s not healthy to watch at least six college football games every Saturday but I don’t know how to stop. It takes lots of dedication to the sport to shut down every weekend for four months in a row. I have gotten better as I have gotten older. I used to watch every football related show on television for seven days a week during the season. Now I can survive by only watching half of them. The first weekend without football is a withdrawal period. The next week is Super Bowl week and I don’t follow any of that until the kickoff of the game because my home team is one of five teams never to play in the game and every year the number gets less. That’s a very deflating feeling.
I guess I have to go back to doing stuff like getting dressed or doing yard work on the weekends. I went in the back yard today to access the landscaping needs that I have been neglecting. Since Katrina there have been many strange looking bugs flying around New Orleans that I can’t identify. There’s also a bunch of strange looking plants and weeds that sprout up when you don’t cut the grass for awhile. I have to break out the boots because I am scared to touch some of them. I also have to start returning phone calls on the weekend that don’t pertain to the games and also start paying attention to people again without yelling “watch out for the blitz!” in the middle of the conversation. The good part about football season ending is that I always lose a few extra pounds because I am a lot more active. Of course, I just gain it all back when the season starts but I consider that balance. At least I can take part in some fun weekend activities before next season and the Saints magical Super Bowl run. I can see it now. 2009 is our year. I can’t wait for training camp to start. When is the draft? September can’t get here fast enough.


Anonymous said...

You are delusional if you really think the Saints are going to the Super Bowl. They are cursed, hexed or whatever. Also, you are a FANATIC! That isn't a compliment. T.

Cousin Pat said...

I can absolutely relate to every thing you have said in this post. I too have sat in front of a TV on a fall Saturday from Noon EDT to nearly midnight as the West Coast games wrapped up (I'm thinking of you, USC vs Fresno State). Luckily, sportscasts have been replaced by sports blogs so I can check them about three times a day for my updates.

I've gotten better, though. This year, I had it down to a two-and-three-quarters games per weekend diet (UGA, LSU & Saints), but it has taken me years to get to this point.

Clifton said...

I have the Fox sports package and they show tape delayed football games from early in the day around midnight. There's nothing better to help you sleep like the sound of a football game that was played at 2PM in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

He was born with his SAINTITIS. There is only one cure for it and that would be for the Saints to go to the Super Bowl. His grandfather, his father, him,his sister and his younger is the same way. Every year, since the Saints have been playing, I hear those old familiar words from them. NEXT YEAR WILL BE OUR YEAR!!! They are truly SAINT-A-HOLICS.

I am hoping for the cure to come along while I am still alive to see it. When it finally happens, will they be able to handle it?