Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mr. Johnson

There is a lady that works with me named Cody. She lives in Baton Rouge now after losing her house and car to the hurricane. She commutes everyday and works from 9-5. Her husband’s job was eliminated when the storm hit and it hasn’t re-opened yet. Every day when he drives her to work, takes care of a few things around the city, then he sits in the parking lot until 5:00 pm when she gets off so she won‘t have to wait. When I come out of the building for lunch he is there. When I leave in the evening he is still there. Now I think I am a pretty ok brother, but I am not waiting outside for 8 hours in the car. The only person I know that would do this is my dad.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Mr. Johnson , a good brother trying get his own business straight while making sure his wife is good at the same time.

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