Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I promise not to make any references to New Orleans crime in this posting........

After watching two minutes of the I Love New York show I now understand why Tiger Woods calls himself cablaisian. I don't really want to be 100% black anymore either. The real question is where did they find the white dudes. Those white guys on that show are giving white guys everywhere a bad name. I'm not trying to put anyone on blast but if you watched the first episode and have already memorized all of the contestants nicknames you might have a problem. The culture is dying.

Will people stop sending chain text messages and killing everyone's plan? We have enough of that on email. Do you know how much it cost to send that text message to 7 people including the person that sent it to you? What if I have a friend that didn't pay his bill? Do I have to write the message down and send it to him in the regular mail so he doesn't get bad luck? I need answers.

I have been listening to the Steve Harvey show this week for the first time in the morning and it is pretty entertaining....But I have been listening to C.J. Morgan since I was in the 8th grade here in New Orleans and he needs to be on the air. Can someone explain to me how Juggy has a job and C.J. doesn't? I don't know anyone over the age of 21 that likes Juggy on the radio. Thats funny to me because he is probably older than I am. Q93 needs to do the right thing and find a spot for C.J.

"Lose one, let go to get one

Left one, lose some to win some (You lost one)

Story of a champion, sorry I'm a championYou lost one"

If you ain't feeling that song you might have a problem.

Saints - 31 Eagles - 20

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Book said...

lol, i think that Juggy graduated from xavier a few years back for communications. his grill is just a "grill" ... I saw that fool on Ambush Make Over once ..he had White teeth and they called him by his real name.. i was L M A O when i saw that ..

so they dont play CJ morgan anymore? i hadnt listened to the radio in the mornings since way b4 katrina ..