Wednesday, January 3, 2007

3 Thoughts On.......

  • This is just what we needed with a recovery stuck in neutral and high crime rate. Anyone who knows the NOPD knows that those guys have been on edge for years and Katrina made it worse. I just hope we are not about to see a large epidemic of Blue Flu. Living here now is bad enough. I can only imagine what its going to be like with five cops showing up for work.

  • If I learned anything from the Duke lacrosse rape scandal it was to not say anything until all in information comes out. Our DA, police chief, and all other leaders in this area talk too loud too soon. The only people who really know right now what actually happened up there are the policemen and the people they were shooting at. Until we see all the evidence we should all be quiet. You can’t get too angry with Eddie Jordan. Some of those officers may have actually done something. It’s his job to bring them to justice if they did. You also can’t pass judgment on the officers just yet. There were allot of strange things going on during that week of Katrina.

  • Regardless of the outcome of this whole ordeal, we all need to remember one thing. The district attorneys office and the police department still have to work together for the citizens of the city. I would hate for criminals to get even more of a free pass because some officers took their time responding after being upset over this trial. That is the primary reason that I am giving Eddie Jordan the benefit of the doubt and thinking he must have something solid to charge these officers with first and second degree murder while his office is under the microscope that it has been. He has to feel he’s right because this move is political suicide if he is wrong.

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