Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Beware of the Checkpoint!!

While I was writing the truth about crime in the city yesterday our great leaders unveiled their new plan to fight the rising violence in the city. One of the ideas from our dynamic leadership is to have checkpoints from 2AM-6AM (Isn't it strange that the people who claim to be the most afraid are against a curfew? If it was that bad in your neighborhoods you would have embraced a curfew. There’s no crime in the French Quarter.). We all know what checkpoints really mean. We all know where they are going to be (they won't be on St. Charles and Nashville.) That's why I am asking all black people in New Orleans reading this to please do all of your drinking, partying and creeping by 12AM and get your ass home. If you happen to work that late at night, keep your work ID on and have your check stubs in hand when you are driving. Make all of your paperwork is up to date and all of your lights work on your car. Don't be one of the undangerous negroes that are lined up in chains after the first checkpoint. These assholes need a good media image to show in place of real solutions. Nothing will make these tourist whores happier than pictures of a line full of niggas going to central lockup at 3AM in the morning.

If you think I am just tripping remember how Nagin fought corruption by lining up the cab drivers and the brake tag women the same way.

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G Bitch said...

Right again, Cliff. These checkpoints will do nothing to solve the most visible problems.