Friday, January 26, 2007

He Should Have Been The Governor

I am so happy that Bobby Jindal decided to run for governor again. Down here in Louisiana we have a habit of missing out on good things. Anyone that watched the debates the first time he ran against Governor Blanco and still voted for her had to be brainwashed or prejudice. This man had facts, figures, ideas for bringing in new money and other ideas to fix things in case we didn't get any new money. What was Kathleen's answer to everything? She would make a committee to explore the problem. That is basically her strategy. I keep telling my people that sometimes we have to let that blind loyalty to the Democratic Party go and look at both candidates equally. The bottom-line is that Bobby Jindal is not the governor right now because black people in Louisiana associate every Republican with David Duke and George Bush and there are a lot of racist people who couldn't bring themselves to hit the button for that brown man. Now we are paying for it by being displaced and waiting on Blanco’s Road Home program. I am not saying if he was governor that the region would be rebuilt. It wouldn't be back to normal but at least we would know what is going on. I feel good about my vote for Bobby even though he didn't win. I will probably vote for him again unless someone more talented runs. He might win but this is still Louisiana, which means that some old dude from Lake Charles that used to go to school with Huey Long will run and no one will vote for Bobby again even though he is the smartest man in race. I love Louisiana.

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