Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sitting On My Porch Part Twenty Five

It’s Thursday night and everyone’s eyes are on the swine flu. I am not ready to put on my mask just yet since there are still no confirmed cases in Louisiana. It’s sure taking a long time to diagnose the potential cases here. My place of employment has a head start on prevention measures. There are at least 57 bottles of hand sanitizer all over the place. We are cleaning up after everything we touch in the office. My only concern so far is that you catch this thing just like the regular flu and there is no vaccination. If you get it you have to ride out the illness just like the regular strain. How come health experts already know about all these different strains of virus and don’t have medicine ready for them?

Our Vice President Joe Biden told people not to fly on commercial planes or use the subway. If you have a job and ride the subway to get to work in this volatile employment climate please remember that there are people who can’t wait for your paranoid ass to not show up to work because of the swine flu so they can run in there with a resume.

I wanted to mention this about Las Vegas earlier this week but I forgot. I wanted to tell them that if people are going to spend all the money to come to your city having 10-20 illegal aliens in 24 Hour Girls t-shirts handing out prostitution advertisements to men including ones with their spouse is not a good look.

Whether you like him or not I don’t think anyone can truly grade President Obama’s first 100 days in office. Things have been just too complicated to know if any of his ideas were good or not. If I have to name something positive I think I will go with Sojourner Truth being honored at the Capitol.

Dick Cheney just can’t let it go. Has a vice president ever done this to the new administration before? I am actually starting to believe that he was running the whole administration behind closed doors. It is really ironic that when the last president was in office no one could question anything without being accused of being unpatriotic and not supporting the troops. The whole torture argument is complicated to me because I know some of these terrorist will just kill us all and be done with it. There is no black and white to the topic. If there is no reason to believe that a threat is imminent then I say there should be no torture but if someone knows that a group has a bomb under a building somewhere in an American city and we need to find out exactly where it is, they can pull his fingers off for all I care. Find the bomb first and we can take care of the person after everybody’s safe. That’s my opinion but it’s not my job to make the decision. It’s not Dick Cheney’s job anymore either and he needs to be quiet.

If anyone knows where I can find the Life Alert commercial with Ted please send me a link. I can’t see this commercial nearly enough times.

Glenn Beck's family should really monitor his health for the next four years. He's not going to survive President Obama's first term going the way he is.

If the state approves this new Saints deal it will change my entire opinion on Tom Benson and his legacy as owner of the Saints. When you follow the NFL closely you realize that even though he says some crazy things, we would have had the San Antonio or the Albuquerque Saints a long time ago. I think I owe him a few apologies. Of course if they start the season off with a few loses it will be all his fault. I can't wait until football season starts especially after what happened this week in basketball.......

I have never been more embarrassed in a sports team wearing my city’s name than I was in the Hornets performance against Denver. Not even the worst Saints lost compared to that. I never saw the Saints lose a game where every single person on the team and the coaching staff all quit at the same time. The entire sports world challenged the fans to see whether or not they could show up and support the team. They did that and that’s how the players paid them back. I don’t know if any of the people on that team are aware of the story of this city. We might be a little dysfunctional but we don’t just take whippings without fighting back. The least someone could have done is getting ejected in one of those last two games. Show us you have some pride.

I have never posted a Keith Olbermann clip on my page before. Sometimes I think he is over the top purposely to piss off Bill O’Reilly. I have to give him some love for his Worst Person in the world last night dedicated to Congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina. I agree with this opinion 100%.

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Bayou Belle said...

"Glenn Beck's family should really monitor his health for the next four years. He's not going to survive President Obama's first term going the way he is."

Now that is some funny shit!