Monday, April 13, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers!.........Pirates in 2009?

It's getting crazier by the minute........

Now that the captain of the high jacked ship is safe we can talk about this pirate mess with some humor. This is all Disney’s fault for putting out that great trilogy of movies featuring Jack Sparrow. Things must be really rough in Somalia when people take to being pirates. They have already hustled shipping companies in other countries out of millions of dollars so they must be good at it. I think they better stick with French ships because the American high jack didn’t go quite the way they planned it. When they were ordering Pirates of the Caribbean from Netflix they should have rented Under Siege with Steven Seagal to see just what a Navy Seal can do before they went to messing with the U.S. boat. How about giving it up for the captain who sacrificed himself for the crew? That guy is a true leader. I’m glad everyone made it out okay.

I found it strange how the experts on Sunday morning news shows kept saying that this whole pirate scenario was a test of President Obama’s foreign policy. How was that fair when it wasn’t the Somali government seizing the ship? Doesn’t the brother have enough on his plate with two wars plus the political and corporate pirates here in the country? Can someone please take care of the lightweight stuff? Let Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden handle the pirates while the president knocks out this health care issue. Since the Navy Seals freed the captain can he go on television now and claim a victory? He could do that and get away with since everyone would have blamed him if something bad happened. Do you really think those pirates were trying to make a political statement? The only statements they are concerned with are the bank statements of the companies that own those boats. The pirates have vowed revenge on the United States. I hope they don’t call up Davey Jones and The Dutchman.

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Pistolette said...

'Under Siege' is totally one of my guilty pleasure movies.

Poor O didn't have much of a choice here. Joe opened his big mouth before the election saying 'his foreign policy will be tested in the first six months' or something so he had to act. Thankfully he did the right thing and it all ended well; captain alive, bad guys dead, US naval supremacy unquestioned :-)