Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Headed to Vegas

I have a lot of things on my mind that I was going to touch on this week. Unfortunately I can’t because in the morning I am headed to Las Vegas for some fun. Well, actually I am going to Las Vegas to a conference to learn new programs and HUD regulations but I give props to whomever selected the location for the spring conference this year. They must have known the city was going to be on my last nerve and I had to get out of here. Trips like this are the reason why I don’t explain to people exactly what I do for a living because you never know if people are going to find out and try to set me up to be fired so they can apply. (That last sentence was dedicated to Big Red Cotton... LOL)

Although I have been flying on planes since I was a child, somehow I have started developing a fear of flying. This is not a good for a person that has to travel from time to time. How can I expand the World Wide Cliff Network if I feel the urge to take the Greyhound everywhere? I will occupy my nerves and time by listening to radio shows on my MP3 and writing. Too bad they don’t serve cocktails at 6:00 AM on the plane. I would have to get a double. I’m just playing. You have to do what you have to do to keep climbing the ladder. Usually these kinds of functions are in a city where the nightlife doesn’t really excite a cat from New Orleans. I usually end up sitting in my room watching the NBA playoffs. I can’t make the same promise in Vegas. I have to walk the strip and visit the spot where Tupac got shot. I am sure there is a plague out there or something. There would be if I was the mayor. While I sit here getting my head together for being twenty thousand feet above the ground, I will find some videos to post until I get back to the 504.

I am going to need for no one to add anything to the drama and stress we already have while I am gone. Everyone is already at the edge. Here’s my first video to get things started.Since I am going to the place he died and the song applies to things going on today, lets start like this……


Red said...

so you have to let us know if they put up a plaque or something on the killing spot. I never heard of the city doing so but then, if people are making pilgrimages there like you are, it would stand to reason they'd memorialize the area. make sure and take a picture!

and if you run in to any of my dancers, tell em Red said 'Wassup!':)

mominem said...

Have fun.