Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Don't Know Any Chicken Queens

I have a quick public service announcement this morning. There have been some new commercials on television causing an uproar. The everyone is talking about is the Burger King Spongebob square booty shaking ad with Sir Mix A Lot. My friend Neecha along with other folks were not happy about this one and already talked about it. Burger King ended up pulling the ad yesterday.

There is one commercial still running that I am afraid will cause some problems; and that's the Popeyes Annie the Chicken Queen commercial. Even though Popeyes is owned by a company in Atlanta ever since the late great Al Copeland lost it, they still present themselves as a New Orleans brand. I don't have a problem with that because this is where it started. However, I want everyone who reads this to understand one thing. If you happen to be in my city and roll into Popeyes please don't expect to meet Annie behind that counter. There are sisters working at almost every Popeyes but after hours of standing over hot grease, chicken, and dealing with crazy customers they are usually not this happy go lucky. Even if she's in a good mood she's not talking like the woman in the commercial. If you go in there and ask her to speak some of this happy jive slang you will probably get cussed out. If it's the wrong one she might even want to fight. My advice is order your chicken, stay quiet and if you meet Annie somewhere else when she is off try to to talk to her then. She'll be good people when she's not covered in flour and chicken spice. Don't mess around in Popeyes after looking at this Annie commercial and get hit with a bag of frozen biscuits. We don't need any more negative publicity around here.


Leigh C. said...

Burger King actually has two ads that recently rubbed people the wrong way:

Neecha said...

LMAOOOOOOO! YOu are so right! I'd love to see someone approach a tired humbuggish sister who's been on her feet ALL DAY! That would be so damn funny the fight that will follow.


is this closer to canal street fast food reality?