Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Williams

April 29 is the birthday of my best friend and closest comrade Cedric Williams. I met Ced when I was the 11th grade and for the first six months of our friendship I don’t think he said five words to me. He would just listen to all my crazy ranting and ideas and laugh. That’s kind of what still happens now. Over the last 19 years I can truly say that there is no one on this earth I trust more than that guy. He’s my brother, my friend, and my advisor. He’s my enabler for all my dumb ideas and then my support system when they don’t work. I consider him to be irreplaceable. Plus, he’s one of the few friends I ever had my parents actually like. I love that dude and anyone who has a problem with him has a problem with me.

One of the strange things about my boy that I can’t really understand is his admiration for Bone Thugs N Harmony. I don’t know why. There is nothing thug about him at all. He can’t rap. He’s not from Cleveland. He goes to the barber every week because he’s too GQ to let his hair grow more than a centimeter. You ever took a road trip with a guy who has the entire Bone Thugs music catalog in the car? It’s not fun. Oh well, it’s his birthday not mine. I would like to dedicate this song to Cedric Williams a.k.a. Ebony Man.

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