Friday, September 3, 2004

Top Ten Songs Hip Hop

Last week, I gave you my top ten hip hop albums of all time. I have been looking at that list and I really want to change some of it but I will leave it alone. Now it's time for my top ten songs. These are the 10 songs that I will always listen to. Once again, they are in no particular order after number 1. I always read top ten list and things on the internet but never tried any until these two I have written. These things are kind of difficult to do. As soon as you think of one song, five more pop into your head. I have been working on this one since last week. I really should have done a top 50 list. I'm finally comfortable enough with it to post it. So here it is!

1. Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy: This song is the greatest rap song ever and I don't want to debate this with anybody

2. Eric B. and Rakim - Microphone Fiend: "I was a fiend before I became a teen"

3. Eric B. and Rakim - Check out my Melody: "I take seven MC's and put em in a line / Then add seven more brothers who think they can rhyme / It will take seven more before I go for mine/ Now that's 21 mc's ate up at the same time"

4. Lords of the Underground - Cheif Rocka: What the hell ever happened to these cats?

5. Whodini - Five Minutes of Funk: I've been knowing the words to this song since I was in the 5th grade........damn I am getting old!

6. Run DMC - RockBox: R.I.P. Jam Master Jay......damn black on black crime.

7. Tupac - White Man's World : This was his best song ever. Serious, thought provoking lyrics that expressed what every young black man thinks about. His entire song catalog should have been like this. This man died too soon.........did I mention I hate black on black crime?

8. Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks on Me : Their best song ever and the most addictive track ever produced.

9. Public Enemy - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos: This is the song I sing at my desk when I am bored at work. They should play this song outside of arm forces recruiting offices.

10. Scarface - Mr. Scarface: It's sad to say but this song is a perfect reflection of one of the worst epidemics in the history of the black community (crack). That is the truth. It's a vivid depiction of that era and everybod that I know from the ages of 25-35 knows the words......except for my

Since I am on a roll with my lists, I think the next one will be the top 10 MC's of all time.....

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