Wednesday, September 8, 2004

This is What I Thinking About Right Now

I am real sleepy tonight......

Seemed like a good time to share a few thoughts for the week...........

  • I have this job interview tomorrow with some people I don't really like all that much. This is where I have come to in my life. There was a time when I never would have even taken the time to pursue this job again. If anyone out there really knows me, this is going to be real hard for me to get through. This is what happens when you have to be responsible for the life of another human being.
  • I went help my dad move something at my deceased aunt's house yesterday. For some reason that house made me think of her and my other deceased relatives. I was kind of down for the rest of the evening. I'm such a over emotional dude.
  • Since I am on the subject of the deceased, I want to send a R.I.P. shout out to Renaldo, Demetrius, and Angelina.

On to more random things..............

  • If all the NOPD has time for is to pull over my little sister who would never hurt a fly much less commit a crime, we are in big trouble.
  • The best part about Labor Day this year.......CSI marathon!
  • It was cool to see my grandfather get out of the house for a change and actually get to hang out with the rest of the family. I still wish we could make an agreement that for as long as he and my grandmother are here(which could be a very long time) we hold all family gatherings on Benton St. to make their participation less difficult.
  • Why is everyone so concerned with what Kerry and Bush did in the 60's? Is that going to make my bank account lose or gain money any faster if Kerry went to Vietnam and Bush didn't.
  • Saints Note: How can a team this talented have their fan base this not excited . After the last three years, you just know something bad is going to happen in the end and we won't be able to explain it.
  • LSU Note: Why did LSU get passed up in the polls by two teams that didn't even play?
  • Black Coaches Note: I know most black people that follow sports are routing for my Tyrone Willingham to succeed. He is doing a pretty bad job right now and I hope no one screams racism when he gets fired. Part of realizing equality is that you get an equal chance to try, fail and pay the same price as your counterparts. The bigger question is, with all the talk of needing black coaches, it's hard to make the argument when Tyrone only gets 2 of the top 200 players in the country to sign. If the young black studs are going to play for Stoops, Saban, Carroll and the rest of them then why does the system need to change. Winning is all that counts in college sports, because winning equals profit.
  • Last Football Note: Why does the NFL need to have a concert before the first game. If I want to hear singing and watch women dance I will hit the club. When I watch football all I need is a scoreboard and that yellow first down line on the screen ( a great invention).
  • Hasn't this internet thing went to far when you can log into Yahoo through your cellphone. Shouldn't you have enough offline friends that you don't need your buddy list?
  • Somebody has to loan me 30.00 dollars so I can go buy the Goodfellas DVD.
  • I am so excited about the Goodfellas release that I am going to post my top ten movies list tomorrow. The strange thing is that Goodfellas may not be on it.

And Finally................

Since my office moved from Calhoun St. to Canal St., I have had the chance to go through the main part of the city on a regular basis the last few weeks. What is up with all the brothers not working? Why are all those grown men standing and sitting around all day long in the city and no one seems like they are angry at being out of work. I'm telling you we are in trouble.

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