Tuesday, September 21, 2004

As I Sit Here sipping on Coffee

I have been having trouble coming up with a nice topic to blog on. My head is full of all these random thoughts and can't get focused. I need to get some of them out. Things like.................

  • We now have a new school board in place accept for one person. The citizens of New Orleans has just made Mr. Amato "King of Education". I don't know if a superintendent that is hired by the board should have more power than the board itself.
  • I don't really care who the sheriff is but why is Marlon Gusman trying to be the sheriff instead of a city councilman anyway. There must be some serious money to be made at that position. Has he ever been in any kind of law enforcement before?
  • I know this is America but can we please find a way to make these brothers pull there pants up? I'm tired of seeing your skid marks walking up the street. You guys need to ask yourself if style is worth you walking up the street holding your pants up with your hand to keep from being exposed. By the way, STOP BUYING UP ALL THE 3X,4X and 5X SHIRTS!! I have to ride all over the world looking for a shirt that fits me because some little stick man has bought them all up.
  • Music Note 1.- who told Nelly he had enough talent to put out two cd's at the same time. He sucks when he puts out one. Teenage girls are killing music.
  • Music Note 2. - If things were right in this world, Anthony Hamilton's Charlene would have to be the number one song in the country for about 12 weeks. Call My Name by Prince should be number 2.
  • Music Note 3. - Except for Outkast and Ludacris, why do all the rappers from Atlanta sound the same. I know New Orleans isn't much better but come on!
  • Last Music Note - NO MORE USHER! PLEASE!!!!
  • What the hell was Dan Rather thinking when he ran that story on Bush. If you didn't verify all the damn info wait until you do. Now you have energized his base and just scared off any other media source for running any story about this. FOUR MORE YEARS!
  • Note to Shell: Please don't let the Hornets think about trading Baron Davis for Vince Carter.
  • 2nd Note to Shell: There is no excuse for that defense not to stop the run any better than last year. It's got to be the coaching. By the way, I will not mention their name until we are in the playoffs.
  • If Flava Flav keeps messing with Brigette Neilson the Surreal Life, I am going to go back and remove Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos from my best songs list. Hip hop is being set back 20 years with this foolishness. The Surreal Life is for B list entertainers. Flav is part of one of the top five hip hop groups of all time. There is nothing B-list about that.
  • Finally, I want to give a shout out to Willie "Kingfish" Harris who I saw at the Saints game Sunday. It's good to run into guys that took me under their wing when I was just a wild 20 year old trying to be in management. Willie, Freddie, Phillip, Eugene, and Tim all showed me the ropes and I hope all of you are doing well.

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