Friday, September 3, 2004

Random Thoughts

It's Friday and I'm ready for my three day weekend. I didn't have any bad dreams last night so I think today I will write a lil something. I have a few things on my mind this morning.......

  • My baby dances, she sings, she claps and has a good time. If she would just stand up and walk on her own I would be in heaven.
  • Since she is doing all this new wonderful stuff, I am starting to come to terms with the fact that this football season, the big tv may have to be shared with Barney, Sesame Street or Dragon Tales...............Maybe she will like the 3-4 defense and the 2 deep zone better.
  • Speaking of football......... I know I may be biased, but I think Slick is taking to the sport like a fish to water. He should be fine as long as his coaches aren't stupid, he pays attention and practices, and his parents can stand watching the baby of the family get hit without running on the field and getting us all thrown out of the stadium.
  • Special note to Shell: Baron Davis wants a trade because he has no offensive help. I thought he wanted to take all the shots anyway.
  • I don't know if either one of these guys will ever win a ring again but I do know one thing. After watching this rape trial play out, wouldn't you want to be Shaq instead of Kobe right now. He's got a beautiful black wife, good kids, and good parents. He never gets into trouble. He never embarrases himself or his people. Plus, he's a cool guy that can hang out with presidents or in the projects and fit in. You don't have to like the way he plays, but you got to like his lifestyle.
  • I appreciate President Bush trying to protect me from terrorism but I have a little message for him. People in the hood can't focus too much on global terror. We are more concerned with the terror from the dude around the corner that hasn't had a job since his daddy was president. How about we put some of that war money back into our own communities here. We could do allot in New Orleans with an extra billion dollars.
  • Can someone tell me why Orleans Parish teachers still can't get paid on time.
  • And while your answering that question, please tell me why governor Blanco and Mr. Benson are playing with my emotions and talking about a new stadium. Can they just keep their discussion a secret please!
  • That Orleans Parish Sherrif's position must be a money making machine. There are 50 people running for that office. Keeping negroes locked up is big business. Black on black crime in America should be considered a Fortune 500 enterprise.
  • I was looking at my top ten hip hop lists and realized that I really love rap music. I have loved it since the 5th grade but that almost everything that is coming out now is uncreative, sad, self destructive and being made overly ignorant to satisfy the lust of white surbanan kids to be entertained by the plight of the black existance. It's ok to reflect the reality of your surroundings but it should be never be made to look like we enjoy the struggle. Who in the hell can be happy about seeing brothers get shot? What sista can feel good about being disrepected? I think some of these artist have allot of sense and probably don't listen to or believe half of the stuff they make themselves. If that is the case, you are no more than a modern day Steppin Fetchit! You might as well paint your face black and put a bone through your nose like Sambo. The sad thing is that Step and them guys didn't have a choice. You do and still choose to be stupid and that makes you sad!
  • And while nobody loves the black woman's form more than me, do every one of them in a video have to be naked and shaking their ass. Why does a song that has nothing to do with a woman or a party need to have a half naked woman in the video? Wait a minute..........I'm sorry. I forgot 70% of the records that are coming out now are all about parties and women. 20% are about killing your own people and the other 10% are really good but you won't know about those because black radio won't play them.......OK, I'm moving on now.
  • Did I really make two list about hip hop music and not include one, Outkast, De La Soul, Common or Roots record? I will fix this soon.

That's it for now. The hip hop tirade has my head hurting now and I need some coffee.

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