Thursday, September 23, 2004


  • The fact that Ivan is still striking parts of Louisiana and Texas today, a week after he hit land, has to make him the greatest storm ever. This is unbelievable.
  • I understand you can't give in to terrorist, but shouldn't the U.S. at least try and negotiate to keep some of those hostages alive. They could have at least made them think the prisoners would be released until we could rescue them.
  • Why is there a big debate about using the dome as a shelter during storms. WE PAY FOR THAT BUILDING! Dan Rather, you must really hate Bush real bad to make up some fake stuff. You know if Bush wins CBS won't even get invited to the press conference.
  • The cenus reported today that Cleveland was the poorest city in the nation. New Orleans ranked 17th. I just want to make a note that Dallas, Atlanta, Miami and a whole bunch of other cities were ranked above us. Why can't our local news report this stuff.

  • Finally..........Rest in Peace to the Big Bossman, Big Bubba...Ray Traylor.

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