Saturday, September 18, 2004

Thoughts While Sipping on Bourbon

Ivan is gone. I'm sorry for the Alabama Coast and Pensacola. They got it bad. I hope they are all doing ok and thank God it didn't come here. At least I got to check out my boy's house in Mississippi and take a nice ride with my family. Other than that, this was a real strange week. It's time to get back to normal. So on to my weekly random thoughts.............................

Barry Bonds hit his seven hundred homer last night. The media must really not like him because if this was anybody else, they would have cut into regular programming for that.

This message is for whoever went in my friend's house and stole his stuff while he was running from the hurricane: I hope you realize that the tv was broke and you sell it to somebody who comes back and kicks your A@! really bad! Damn shame!

Did I read that Oprah gave her entire audience new cars? Why didn't anybody call me? I could have used one of those.

Message to all the companies and managers that made their employees stay at work Tuesday: Where you watching the news? The entire city was leaving. What makes you think that your business is so special that your employees should stick around and risk getting caught in a category four storm.

I'll be back later..............

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