Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Won't Be Too Long

At the end of 2008 I had really high hopes for 2009. After two months and four days of the New Year, I have to say it has kind of sucked. Yesterday was not a good day in the city for a few different reasons. One story in particular really bothers me. I can’t believe this woman was found not guilty. It bothered me so much two years ago and now it’s bothering me again. It’s a shame her son got convicted and she didn’t. If anything she should have did more time than he’s going to do because it’s obvious he never had a chance. I guess that’s the justice system at work. Then there’s this whole thing at City Hall. I am not going to talk about the particulars. I am just going to say that black people in positions of influence owe it to all the people who defend their reputations to at least come clean and be upfront about what you are doing before you make everyone look stupid. If I didn’t know for a fact that there was 80% of the population in the city holding everything together in spite of what’s going on at the top and bottom I would be inclined to seek another place to live. With the economic trouble going on I might end up in a place that’s headed for worse trouble than New Orleans. Let’s take the optimistic view that all of this is just the last few pains in a process leading to a new direction. I hope that’s the case and that the Crown Royal company doesn’t fall on tough times because we need lots of it. There’s only one year left until the next elections.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

gubberment is foul

Pistolette said...

2009 has sucked so far to me too, both for the city and personally. Hope the worst is over, alas, I'm too cynical to believe that.

Anonymous said...

Recently, my boss and the accountant at the firm where I work went to New Orleans within a week of one another. I was so excited about telling them where to eat and what to see. I'm biased, but I believe that the architecture in new Orleans is the most beautiful in the nation. Add in the food and the music, good lord.

Of course I was asked if I'd ever go back. I can't overlook the administrative problems there. New Orleans is to be enjoyed by the visiting and the rich. That mother is an ignorant sow. However, the administration (and I don't just mean the current) has failed the people of the city. You know how I feel about blogging up people's comments section, but let's just say that her action is merely a symptom of the disease