Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Absolutely Garbage

Hey New Orleans!

While most of you obsess and argue over what happens to government emails and start recall petitions for every elected official, does anyone realize that someone (or some company) has been dumping waste into the city’s sewer system? I don’t know if you need me to inform you of the fact that plagues and disease knows no color.

I realize the waste was pumped into the Lower Ninth Ward and that automatically makes the majority of the citizens here less concerned. The first question I pose is how do we know this is the first attempt to “set up” Sidney Torres. Whoever is trying to set him up must be really pissed because he managed to dump waste in City Park and St. Bernard Parish too but finally got around to bringing a camera this time.

The second question I have is if Mr. Torres knows he’s being set up with such venom that someone would be willing to pump waste into the ground, what in the hell were the trucks doing with waste in them overnight anyway? Is this some common practice? It’s not like the mysterious person stole the truck and faked like they were dumping waste into the ground. The city had to send someone to clean it up. Do all sanitation companies leave tanks of piss and shit sitting around during off hours with no one watching? What happens if the yard catches fire and some of those tankers start burning? I only live about 10 minutes away from where this truck was stolen. Is there the possibility that I could wake up to a green cloud of burning excrement flying overhead? Who’s supposed to be taking care of this kind thing? Haven’t the people in my hood suffered enough without worrying about catching Hepatitis?

How about if I say Ray Nagin is the one that drove the truck with Veronica White riding shotgun? I’ll make it even better and add that Stacy Head was the one working the camera and when she got home she emailed the clip to Tracie Washington. Are you pissed off enough now? It’s fitting that sanitation would be the thing to take this city off track. All this seems pretty garbage to me.


Unknown said...

Just a minor clarificaiton: I may be wrong, but I recall the City Park "dumping" incident was done by then-current SDT employees during Voodoo Fest. There were no "set up" allegations there, just lazy port-a-let emptyin' truck drivers.

However, as bad as the thought of burning poop-filled trucks is, I think you've set up a false dichotomy. Public corruption (alleged and otherwise) has far greater, and more probable, systemic impact on the city (L9 included) than Sydney Torres' wayward trucks.

I'm sure the Lower Nine was chosen by the conspirators because it was close by and there would be fewer witnesses. That said, the reaction would also be likely different had this happened on Webster.

My reaction would certainly have been different. I'd be laughing my ass off watching the representatives from Districts A and B and their sputtering outrage.

Also, for the record, there are numerous sewer drains running into the storm drains throughout the "rich side" of Broadmoor. So, y'all aren't alone in this.

Clifton said...

I wasn't comparing the corruption with dumping waste in the sewer. I was trying to show how things are taking place all around us and we can't seem to focus on anything but this feud with the council and City Hall. The councilman at large spoke about this calling for an investigation and it's not even on the front page of the Metro section. What if this has been going on a long time? Maybe that camera was out there waiting on that truck because that truck is always there dumping waste.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen the "footage," but I can see where it could lend itself to suspicion of a greater, unsaid, problem. Like all those America's Funniest Videos bits where you wonder why the hell they just happened to be filming grandma sitting in that chair at the exact moment the legs fall out. This whole "set up" meme seems pretty childish...I've got to wonder what else is going on here.

On the other hand, the notion that the FBI is actively and publicly investigating City Hall relegates this to small beer. Stuff that would be front-page scandal in most other cities is minor compared to the bad stuff in New Orleans.

Clifton said...

I just hope they are investigating more than who played with the email server because I am very underwhelmed and tuned out.

Someone better have a secret bank account with sanitation contract money or something like that to get me interested in this email thing again.

mominem said...

The problem with this situation, as serious as it appears, is that you don't know who is doing the damage.

It could be disgruntled former employees who have a beef with SDT, or it could be competitors who are trying to take out or damage an aggressive new competitor.

Clay said...

Looks like it was a disgruntled employee trying to blackmail Sidney Torres: