Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogging From The Patio....The First 2009 Edition

This is the first addition of blogs written while sitting outside on the patio. It’s a beautiful day outside and I am enjoying some fresh air. I would rather sit out here since Louisville and Pittsburgh have officially destroyed my NCAA tournament bracket. I knew I shouldn’t have picked against Tom Izzo. I had Memphis too which means that if North Carolina figures out a way to stop the beast Blake Griffin they will be the only team on my bracket to make the Final Four. I was flipping back and forth between the college game and Lebron James. I mean no disrespect to the Hornets. I am a local team supporter all the time but the world needs this Cavaliers/ Lakers match up in the finals. It’s going to be a sports junkie’s dream if that happens. I’m only going against the Hornets because I don’t think they have any chance to win in the playoffs beyond maybe the first round.

I’m watching this story in Fargo, North Dakota and hoping this river goes downc far enough that the levee won’t breach and flood the town. There’s nothing like waiting for catastrophe to happen. We went through this last year with Hurricane Gustav. Even if the flood doesn’t come the anxiety is enough to kill you. I hope everything there works out and it gets even colder for a few more days so the water level can go down even more before the ice melts.

I have some advice for whoever in the city is responsible for putting up the Recovery in Progress signs. Lately we have been having all these investigative reports about money not being spent and the slow pace of projects. Whenever one of these stories comes out there is always someone from the city with a logical explanation why this money and that money isn’t yet available. I can handle that but can someone please take the signs down so I can stop expecting stuff to be done soon. I know how the city looks and I have accepted that to some extent. I can handle it and be surprised when something new opens or reopens but stop putting these signs like these things are going to happen quickly and then leave the project sitting there for months or longer without anything happening. Let the contractors put the sign up when they are going to start the work if you feel the need to let everybody know who was in office when the work started. Then I won’t have to wonder why that a sign has been up for two years and things still look the same. That way when you announce things that are about to happen I can stop thinking its all bullshit.

Whodini is a top five hip hop group of all time and I will not debate that.

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Leigh C. said...

I hate those signs, too. One not far from us eventually got taken down because it was graffiti'd over one too many times. I guess that's what it takes...