Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Morning and Working with a Mary Kay Hustler

It’s been a long week full of meetings and trainings and I can’t wait for Saturday when I can watch some of the NCAA tournament. There’s one more meeting today. I was going to take my employee but I am scared because she is on a crusade to turn every person we have a meeting with into a Mary Kay client or salesperson. We had a meeting last week and all she kept doing was trying to give people her Mary Kay card. Wednesday I was teaching a class. After the training one of the case managers attending mentioned that she was tired of carrying so many cases on her workload. What was my people’s response? “Sounds like you should be selling Mary Kay!” I was thinking “Sounds like you shouldn’t be attending anything else with me!” If she is like this after only a few weeks of being a salesperson, what are those people like who earn the pink cars?

I don’t mind anyone having a side hustle to make ends meet but calm down with it. You can’t push it on everybody. I already know what’s going to happen. Someone is going to end up calling my desk looking for her to complain that the anti-aging cream they purchased doesn’t work. I’m going to get aggravated and say something crazy like “Why did you waste your money on that eye cream when everything about you looks aged to me?” and get in trouble. I don’t feel like writing any apology letters so I have to stop this before the inevitable happens.

I am heading to my meeting. Everybody have a great Friday. I will be playing this new EPMD in my ride.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need her to sell you some calming serum.

Clifton said...

I need the industrial size bottle

Not So Old Soldier said...

Those Mary K and Avon sales people are straight hustlers. And if you ever buy something from them, they stalk you for ever. Don't buy that calming serum. She will never stop!