Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Forty Four

It’s a nice rainy Saturday. I love days like this because after you do all the things you really needed to do you just sit around doing nothing without feeling too bad. This post is being written under the influence of a nice adult beverage and a classic episode of Soul Train featuring James Brown. The classic episodes from the 70’s are the best. When I see those I think about culture, soul, and beautiful black people. When they show those episodes from the mid 80’s I think jheri curls, bad fashion and the start of the crack era. It doesn’t matter. I record every episode on Centric.

I’m also looking outside for the raccoon that I just saw walking through my backyard. I’m trying to determine if he has selected my yard as his new home or if he was just visiting on his way to somewhere else. That’s one of the products of all the home demolishing going on. There’s starting to be more and more critters walking around in plain sight. It’s either the demolition of old buildings or the shadow government is rounding up all the wild animals from neighborhoods they like and dropping them in out this way.

I finally sold out and got a Twitter account. I feel so bad about giving in to what everyone else is doing that I am not telling anyone to follow me because I want to delete it. It’s bad enough that I have 200 friends on Facebook and a lot of my good blog topics end up as a status message. I feel such a let down having a Twitter account. I might as well go out and buy an I-Pad.

I think living in Arizona and not liking Hispanics is like living in New Orleans and not liking black people. Your day has to be pretty shitty because everywhere you look there goes another one.

I got the call to meet my first kid from the mentoring program. He’s ten years old. This is not a movie and social issues in New Orleans are real so I don’t have a romantic outlook of what might happen. I made sure to convince myself this was the best way because my dad told me that I would get too frustrated by doing something like this. I’m just going to try and give him a different perspective from a man and try to share the little wisdom I have. Anyone who really knows me is aware of the fact that all my wisdom is matched by an equal amount of foolishness and a twisted sense of humor. I promise all of you that there will be no laughing at people or references to Crown Royal or Buffie the Body. It’s all about helping the kids. I’m focused.

Lebron James can’t leave Cleveland. I don’t care how big of a market New York is and who Chicago has on its roster. If he leaves Cleveland when they can pay him more and the fans worship him like a god there is no reason for any small city in the NBA to expect their team to ever win a title. That’s why it’s easier being a Saints fan than it is buying in totally to the Hornets. Every year I know the Saints have a chance if they do the right things. I knew the Lakers were going to the finals before the NBA season started. There’s no need in getting your hopes up.

During the NBA playoffs they have been playing the new Gatorade commercial with this song that I became obsessed with. I found the full version on YouTube and now I can’t stop singing it. It’s now my personal theme song but don’t read too much into that because I change up every few weeks. Evolve was written and composed by David Banner whose first big song was titled “Like a Pimp”. We can do better if we want to.

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bayoucreole said...

Don't feel bad, I caved in and got a Twitter and Facebook account as well. I don't like that Twitter thing...I don't know how to write like that.

I'm with you on the Soul Train in the 70's, they were the best.

I found a snake on my front lawn when all of the demolishing was going on back here...actually, the snake found ME and then we just both backed away from one another...very slowly.