Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Missing Tracy Porter

I remember when the Saints won the Super Bowl and everyone was in a great mood. After the celebration and Mardi Gras ended I thought to myself that it was time to let it all go. We needed to put it aside no matter how good it felt because we had other things to do and victories to accomplish. We even had a new mayor elected the day before the Super Bowl with a majority vote from everyone. With all that positive energy in the air, 2010 was surely going to be different. It’s only May and there is still a slight chance of that happening but right now it doesn’t look that good.

First the news broke that some officers in the police department shot up a bunch of innocent people after Katrina. They did such a good job at covering it up and our DA’s office did such a poor job at trying to prosecute them that if it were not for the federal government they would probably be on the force right now and not facing any jail time at all. Then, it seemed like right after all of the news stories broke about police wrongdoing the streets erupted and we went back to our multiple murders every night. I even passed one myself bringing a friend home one night. We can’t seem to do anything to get this under control. CNN compared us to the most dangerous cities in the world like Baghdad and no one seemed really offended by this except for me. Then, Treme came on HBO and managed to be realistic enough to show the whole world how stressful of a situation it is to live here. We have budget cuts at my place of employment due to the fact that our state decided to not collect taxes the way we had been and went from a surplus to a deficit almost overnight. If we didn’t have enough trouble, there’s an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that hasn’t been stopped and no one has any idea how much oil is coming ashore and how many places. That means we are just sitting here watching BP experiment while the air outside is starting to smell like a mechanic shop. Just to add insult to injury, our team is being sued with claims that our coach has been stealing Valium and I just found out that The Essence Festival didn’t invite Frankie Beverly and Maze to close out this year’s show.

We should have celebrated for another month.


Susanna Powers said...

There are so many frightening and threatening things happening. Yesterday, there was an awful smell outside, somewhere between paint and bug spray, but that's better today and I don't know if it's related to the petroleum in the Gulf. Thank you for posting this today, it's wonderful. sp

DebC said...

I was thinking some of the same things about your beloved city. Hang in there, Man.

bayoucreole said...

OMG! I've been smelling that for days and wondering what the heck it was. It smells like bug spray to me also...some sort of citronella stuff.
As for the Essence/Maze drama, I smelled that foolishness last Essence. The very last day when Maze closed down the show, St. Aug did a tribute to Maze at the Essence Fest on stage.
I figured something was up and then, Maze played at the Jazz Fest this year so...I was just waiting for the ball to drop.