Monday, May 31, 2010

It’s been a good weekend so far. I'm feeling pretty well coming out of last week. The school year ended without an absence or a tardy and when parent recognition was giving out at the end of the year program there was one grandfather and one father on stage and that dude was me. Since I was the only one up there I am not going to feel bad about bragging about it. I’m getting ready to light a fire on the grill and hopefully I don’t have to fight a raccoon for a piece of food while I am out there. It's very hard to find someone to trap this animal in the city. It rained all afternoon but I had to chance to take a ride through the city. I was surprised at how relaxing a Sunday drive through the rain with a cigar and some hip hop on the mp3 player could be. I was listening to the mp3 because all this weekend I have been trying to escape the news. There’s just no way to stay in a relaxed state of mind while watching or listening to it. I’m going to avoid all of that and focus on these ribs and chicken tomorrow. Memorial Day is a good holiday. Honoring soldiers is a good thing.

I bought too many ribs so if anybody needs a plate just let me know and you can come over. Just remember to bring your own beer. Enjoy your long weekend even if you don’t do anything but lay around and sleep. I’ll talk to you guys in a few days.

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