Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Weekend Vibe : Grown Man Thoughts

It's such a nice day outside that I am almost tempted to sit outside instead of watching football today. If the weather could stay like this all year it would put everyone in much better mood. My trade off for not going outside is to open the windows and let the sunshine in. That way I am almost outside. That's good enough for me right now. I have been doing things the last few weekends which is a lot for me during the football season so I don't feel bad about sitting here today. Besides, the holidays are coming and any money you can save by enjoying your own home is a bonus. I have developed a strange habit over the last year or so. I have become so paranoid of doing something stupid with my money that when I get paid I have way more money left over from the last paycheck. It's like I am so scared of something happening during the week and not having the money to fix it I won't do anything at all. That's quite a change for me. I used to be one of those cats that had to figure out how to pay for lunch and gas three or four days before payday because I would go crazy on payday weekends and blow my money. I make more money then I did then and I could afford a splurge or two without the lights being cut off but I know me and there is no need starting something that may spiral out of control. This is what being responsible feels like for me. You go to sleep at night feeling more secure but a lot more bored than you used to.

I will deal with the boredom for now because the alternative is living like a 35 year old teenager and having everyone wonder what the hell is wrong with me. There are a lot of adult teenagers running around with grown man obligations. All men have a spot in their mind that is stuck in whatever era they had the most fun or felt the most alive. Even if they don't talk about it they think about it to themselves. My dad used to talk to me about his football playing days. My grandfather used to tell me stories all the time from his early 20's. When I get together with the friends that I hung around with during my early 20's we always reminisce about stuff we did because that's how men are. There's nothing wrong with that at all. Some men never let go of that and they try to hold on it as long as possible. I actually don't have an issue with that either provided they are only responsible for themselves and can support it. Our problem is we got cats acting young and free with a woman and multiple kids to support. If you have those kind of circumstances you might need to cut back on the strip club visits and rounds of drinks at the bar unless you have the money to take care of both worlds equally. If you don't then you need to sit at home and watch football too because the rest of the world shouldn't be doing more for your children than you if you are taking your money and spending it on motorbikes, clothes, and video game systems. We have to set an example of social dignity for the kids coming up now.

Sorry for all the preaching. The fresh air does that to me.


Anonymous said...

I find my self doing the EXACT same thing with money. I am so fearful of an emergency that I rearely buy anything that is not a nessesity. In my early 30s I was living paycheck to paycheck. I barely made ends meet most of the time but I looked fabulous. Hair, nails, clothes, shoes...everthing on point. But what people didn't know was that I was behind on everything and was in danger of my utilities being shut off. It took me a while to learn to live by a budget and be responsible with my money. Now I am so afriad to waste money that I don't spend any.

Red said...

"All men have a spot in their mind that is stuck in whatever era they had the most fun or felt the most alive."

That is a BOOK, Cliff! You have no idea the key to understanding men that you just handed to women!

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