Friday, August 3, 2007

What is going on?

I am sorry that the citizens of Minnesota are now members of an exclusive club of American citizens that had to learn tragically that their tax dollars haven't been directed towards shit that keeps you safe and secure. On behalf of all the people on the Gulf Coast, Boston, and New York, please don't be hesitant to curse whoever you see fit. I just hope you guys have a better mayor, governor, and plan than we did or you will be taking boats across that bridge for the next ten years. Also, make sure you know the price and amount of everything you want fixed so those no good bastards in Congress don't start making excuses for not passing the bill to rebuild the thing.

I needed a Crown on the rocks just to cross a bridge the last two days. Doesn't it piss you off that there is always some official that knows something was messed up but doesn't inform the public until after the shit has broken? hat's the worst that could happen if you inform the public the damn bridge is old and raggedy? Someone might actually have to do their jobs and fix it or maybe some pharmaceutical company won't get that secret 5 billion dollar grant in the next spending bill to develop a pill for cracked knuckle syndrome. I know what the next step is. Since people have died and the government looks so inefficient, don’t be surprised if on your way to work and there is a roadblock at the entrance of the bridge you usually take because engineers are reviewing every inch of it. First they put you in danger then they inconvenience the hell out of you. Now would be a great time to include that "None of The Above" button on the voting machines that are rigged anyway. We should all just write in a vote. Since I am not naive enough to think America is ready for a brother (sorry Barak), I am going to write in my vote for Anderson Cooper. At least he doesn’t mind telling people the truth.

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